About gamebuildpc.

At gamebuildpc, we professionally express our ideas, techniques, recommendation, facts about computers, smartphones and latest technology. Not only this can make you tech-savvy but also you’re free to share every articles here to your friends and family.

The guy behind gamebuildpc

Hey! How you doin?, hope you’re doing good!

My name is Kevin, founder of gamebuildpc.com and I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and this site. My passion and obsession in terms of computers and awesome gadgets since grade school urged me to right down some knowledge I’ve learned until I got the oppurtunity to create a website where I can now share my thoughts, ideas, techniques to anyone else in the world.

What am I doing with this site?

Personally, my main objective in starting this blog is to create a team of tech enthusiast that is not-so familiar with computers, VR, software or hardware and latest technology because they have the energy to learn and grasp new ideas that they can share to anyone.

From their smile and gratefulness, I feel the fulfilment of being effective instructor and blogger.