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Is it bad in the long term to fully overclock my video card?

Is it bad in the long term to fully overclock my video card?



When we say overclocking in technical terms, you are increasing its component clock rate, running with a higher clock speed tends to increase performance operations per seconds but on the other hand it will dissipate more heat.

Make sure to read and watch some reviews regarding overclocking your gpu and take a review if its really worth it to overclock.

If it’s not worth it might as well as not do it. It’s just simply a waste of time and effort.

If it’s Yes, you can squeeze more performance out of your components with a good cooling system which is good but what are going to do with that? If you’re a hardcore gamer  wanting to get more FPS well  then go for it.

Remember that you must not supposed to do it without proper knowledge and capabilities. I am talking about experience, dedication and patience. This might void the warranty and burn out your card.

I have a question, have you experienced using”overclocking software”? that comes with the GPU. Basically you still need to download it from the manufacturer’s website. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t work for me at all. It makes everything laggy and put my gpu temp at risk. Maybe I don’t have the patience to learn it on my own way but still I had to uninstall it.

In long term “fully” overclocked videocard let’s say it was “stable”, What if it stop or slowed down without your mindset to monitor your vcard temp? It may decrease your vcard performance and increase its temp overtime. You cannot really depend on  those cheap and stock fans or rather from unreliable video card manufacturers.

Every component has it own shell life but keeping it in standard temps will help you to increase your gpu performance and also prolong its life.

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