Why Intel doesn’t just scrap i3 & i5 and make i7 exclusively?

Blog # 16: Why Intel doesn’t just scrap i3 & i5 and make i7 exclusively?

This question bugs me right after I woke up. By the way, Thanks for sending me your questions here @ say hi to me 🙂 page! Keep it coming!

My poor morning cognition was like “Wait.. yeah.. why not Intel just make an i7 and reduce its price?”

“You know Kevin, that’s not gonna work.” Wait why not? Here comes my manufacturing mindset comes in:

Not all CPUs are created equal. Manufacturing companies like Intel has a specific market target like servers, processors, SSDs, chipsets and network & I/Os with specific consumers. So technically, i3s and i5s are manufactured to give optional choice for wide-range demanding consumers and to make profit as well.

Why there are bunch of different speed and Letters(suffixes) with my CPU?

Basically, it’s like Cherry picking. How many of the manufactured cache are working?  It can only be sold as an i7 (without suffix) if enough of the cache works (reached the i7 target) but if higher and less than the required speed and power then it may still be sellable as an i7 but in a higher or lower tier. Here comes suffixes comes in, or in manufacturing (Higher to lower bins). Some are perfect and some are just right. Some are stable and some are unstable and if it’s not passed in the required specs then it’s a yield off.

What Does CPU Suffixes Mean?
  • H – High performance graphics
  • K – Unlocked
  • M – Mobile
  • Q – Quad-core
  • R – Desktop processor based on BGA1364 (mobile) package with high performance graphics
  • S – Performance-optimized lifestyle
  • T – Power-optimized lifestyle
  • U – Ultra-low power
  • X – Extreme edition
  • Y – Extremely low power

Some processors can run faster and some are just stable with specific speed that’s why there’s Unlocked (with-K) and non-K processors. If it stays under consumer TDP standards, it may be sold as desktop CPUs. It all depends on what’s stable and unstable upon speed and power requirements.


Fabrication cannot scrap all rejected units just because it doesn’t hit the required target (efficiency, speed, power output, cache, memory etc.) that’s why they’ve created mid and low tier units or bins so they can sell and still make profits from it because the cost of start-up and running a production line isn’t that cheap.

At the end, it still a win-win situation, budget-mindset consumer has an option to buy for low – mid product based on their preferences and for feeling-worthy usage high-end-mindset consumer can go directly on the top tier product.

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Billie’s Gaming PC: Kabylake Full Setup

GameBuildPC Rig of the day: PC#1 from Billie’s Gaming PC

Good day!  GameBuildPC Builders, Kevin here. Remember when someone asks you “how to do this?” or “What might go wrong if I do this?” and you gave them the exact answer and didn’t expect in return?

Well this what I’ve got:

Snapshot from gamebuildpc email

For mobile users:

Sir thank you po sa help and advice sa pagbubuo ng my first PC..

eto po ung na buo ko ..
CPU : Intel core i5-7400
MOBO: MSI B250M Bazooka
RAM: G.skill Ripjaws V 2400 8gb
PSU: Seasonic M12II 620 Watts EVO 80+ Bronze ( Full modular )
CASE: Silverstone redline 05
HDD: WD blue 1tb
SSD: kingston hyperx fury 120gb
Monitor: Asus vc239h
sa uulitin po sir ..hehe
tyaka ko na pag isipan ung future upgrade kapag my budget na ulit..
Sir ung 7th generation pala nakalocked lang sa windows 10 ung os ??..
tapos po sir panu po ba alagaan ang video card.. kailan po ba malalaman if need ko ng lagyan din ng thermal paste ung heatsink niya ..
overall ang sarap magbuo ng pc hehe..


Isn’t fulfilling?

For me, Yup it is. An email or message saying Thank you from co-enthusiast or someone became an enthusiast of your passion is very fulfilling to me.

Even though, my average response time was almost one to two days it’s still surprising that people like you didn’t stop replying to me.

and if sometimes I probably missed something out or “Kevin should have done that!” moments in my articles, you guys still have the time to correct me and I really appreciate that because I know, it’s a part of our learning process.

I have to say ours because people don’t just learn by their own mistake but also from mistakes of other people as well.

To my future friends and PC co-enthusiast:

Keep the messages, inquiries, feedbacks and pictures from your rigs coming. I’d love to feature you on GameBuildPC and hopefully we could learn from each other.

Billie’s Gaming PC:

Before I end this blog, I’d like to feature Billie’s gaming pc:

Thanks Bil!

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What are the uses of computers?

Computers, basically will help into our day to day basis.

Nowadays, Computers are more likely to become a general notion just like electricity.

Before, we expect that in every houses there’s a switch for electricity but now we expect computers and soon they’ll greet us with an Artificial Intelligence Voice.

Computers became a need rather than want but don’t get me wrong, it already has a wide variety in terms of computing that could help us in our daily lives through our phones, smart watches, smart tv, schools, hospitals, churches, cars and etc.

People use it for gaming, browsing, chatting, streaming, entertainment, programming and also a way of communicating someone you like or even a stranger.

Of course, here’s the sad part. There’s porn, hacking and cyber bullying.

It is just a preference of someone whether what or how they going to use it.

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What are some good co-op role playing games?

You may want to consider playing DOTA2, Left for Dead 1 and 2, CSGO, Counter Strike. it has a nice co-op battle with bots and make your friend tumble from your chairs.

and any MMORPG games with free-to-play system. It’s fun and some of them has a nice graphics and different gameplay that will surely help bond with your friends. you may consider this few games I’ve tried.

1.) Dragon Nest

Image result for Dragon Nest

2.) Rohan

Related image

3.) World of Warcraft

Image result for World of Warcraft

4.) Guild Wars

Image result for Guild Wars

5.) Tera

Image result for Tera

6.) Elder Scrolls Online

Image result for Elder Scrolls Online

7.) Ragnarok

Image result for Ragnarok

Have fun gaming!

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Should I buy Gaming PC or Gaming Laptop?

gaming pc or gaming laptop

Welcome to our Your Question, I Answer portion of the GameBuildPC, where you can ask anything about PC and stuffs. 

So, Tristan Lazatin from our FB page asked me a question Should I build Gaming PC or buy Gaming Laptop?

First things first. If it’s purely for gaming then we already know who’ll perform best. But at the end of his message, it will also be used as a workstation. He’s still a student from UST and would want to build CAD projects as the same time for gaming.

Thanks Tristan for sending me a message. I’ll make a list of Pros and Cons of Gaming PC and Gaming Laptop, hoping it well help you decide:

Pros of PC:
  1. Cheap, in a sense that with same amount of money you will get far better performance compare to laptop
  2. Upgradable, PC is like brick cubes where you could swap it out with ones you like as long it’s compatible
  3. Customization, from different styles and featues you want
  4. Overall better gaming and creating project experience, choices of having bigger screens and layout
Cons of PC:
  1. Nevermind mobility, obviously you can’t bring it anywhere without spending too much effort carrying its weight.
  2. Staging area, it’s big and bulky. Unless you’ll build using m-ATX boards and cases.
  3. Dust, on the big fans including intake and exhaust and from both CPU and GPU. You have to make time to wipe it down.
Pros of Laptop:
  1. Mobility, if you could bring your workstation then you’re the champ of your team.
  2. Electricity consumption, less compare to desktop pc
  3. Best buddy, especially when you’re on the go for filming and editing.

I have to use laptop everytime when doing programming stuffs and creative thinking. It’s really tempting to use gaming pc because I usually get bored and have to do some minor breaks.

Main Cons of “GamingLaptop:

I don’t want to exagerate this but it still indeed run incredibly hot especially when you’re not in the controlled temp environment especially if you’re not in the office or air conditioned room. It’s frustrating and you won’t be able to focus on your stuff. Unless you have a docking port / station with external keyboard and mouse.

Other cons of Laptop:

  1. Small screen, you may not like that since you’re also into gaming
  2. Almost zero option for upgrading, except for Storage and in most cases RAM and that process is not simple either.
  3. Price to performance is not as good as PC

So with that being said, I hope it adds additional info whether you should build a Gaming PC or Gaming Laptop. One thing to add:

Gaming laptop and PCs could also be used as workstation. Well depends on your preferences. 16GB RAM with powerful CPU can be helpful for your rendering and cad projects; 8GB RAM with powerful GPU can do a lot in Gaming.

Bottomline, it’s still up to your preferences.

Thanks Tristan!

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See ya, Kevin

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Is it bad in the long term to fully overclock my video card?



When we say overclocking in technical terms, you are increasing its component clock rate, running with a higher clock speed tends to increase performance operations per seconds but on the other hand it will dissipate more heat.

Make sure to read and watch some reviews regarding overclocking your gpu and take a review if its really worth it to overclock.

If it’s not worth it might as well as not do it. It’s just simply a waste of time and effort.

If it’s Yes, you can squeeze more performance out of your components with a good cooling system which is good but what are going to do with that? If you’re a hardcore gamer  wanting to get more FPS well  then go for it.

Remember that you must not supposed to do it without proper knowledge and capabilities. I am talking about experience, dedication and patience. This might void the warranty and burn out your card.

I have a question, have you experienced using”overclocking software”? that comes with the GPU. Basically you still need to download it from the manufacturer’s website. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t work for me at all. It makes everything laggy and put my gpu temp at risk. Maybe I don’t have the patience to learn it on my own way but still I had to uninstall it.

In long term “fully” overclocked videocard let’s say it was “stable”, What if it stop or slowed down without your mindset to monitor your vcard temp? It may decrease your vcard performance and increase its temp overtime. You cannot really depend on  those cheap and stock fans or rather from unreliable video card manufacturers.

Every component has it own shell life but keeping it in standard temps will help you to increase your gpu performance and also prolong its life.

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What are basic difference between computer and consoles?

It’s non sense if I list down all component parts here, compare here and that. You’ll not appreciate it.  you just need to choose your side first. PC or Console.

We will talk about components Flexibility Mindset.

Let’s start with PC:


If you are a hardcore gamer, PC enthusiast, content creator, blogger or video editor and also wanting to have some more FPS for your $ and the “mindset to upgrade” later on down the line well you should be proud.

Structural differences may differ from its size and usage but usually consoles are a bit smaller than the PCs



Consoles has motion sensing devices that can be use for dancing, interactive games, exercising and recreational activities.

It is also are more into “just game” mindset, I know some of kids will react but the capability of consoles cannot just overcome or even outperform PCs because of its components flexibility.

Yes it can have more FPS compare to the old PC ones but what type of game are we comparing? consoles cannot match all PCs well not all.

If a gamer wants a wireless control stick, PC can have that too.

Bottom line, It is just the personal preferences of a gamer. you can have both and then compare it with your own styles.

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Is Generic PSU good that comes from its case?

Theoretically, YES. it can run and boot your system run few low end graphics.

Generic PSU

But Technically, NO. your graphics and cpu eats a lot of power especially in running high end graphics games and long time overclocking and you may want to have a room for their adjustment so that it won’t damage your system every time if it looses power then shuts down itself.

I highly suggest that do not use any bundled “PSU” from any cases because we never know what was inside of that box.

You know, when building a Gaming PC. The first thing that should come first in our mind is the PSU.

Choosing a reliable PSU from any reputable brand like Seasonic, Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA  with (80+ bronze, silver or gold) may leave a peaceful mind about power and electricity consumption.

You may want to have atleast 600W+ from any reputable brands with an efficiency of 80+ certification.

Have fun on your build!

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Gaming PC worth P25,000 will stay relevant for 4 years?

Gaming PC worth P25,000 will stay relevant for 4 years?

Gaming pc worth


Thank you Karen for dropping by and sending me an e-mail. She’s considering our last build guide 25,000 Pesos budget build and asking a particular question. Does our build guide would stay relevant for 4 years?


gaming pc philippines



I know someone who felt like the same way you’re feeling right now and obviously he ended up blowing his RAM and Motherboard because he’s too excited to plug things and everything
Hahaha. I remember my good ol’ days.
Thank you Karen for sending me this personal message and I guess I could be your tech buddy. 🙂
Let me give you a little background:

I have GTX 960 ASUS Strix and it’s really pumped up to render 2016 games and videos. I’ve been playing SKYRIM Remastered with < 80+ fps in Ultra settings.

Overwatch in ultra settings in >50fps and < 60fps in low to medium settings.


Here’s my Reinhardt Overwatch highlight using GTX 960 and G3258 Dual core CPU:

I bought this exactly last year and it’s really heartbreaking to see that GTX 1050Ti (which I included on the build guide) was costs only less than 10k depends on the manufacturer. While my GTX 960 ( costs 11k ) XD
GTX 1050Ti is greater than 960 and obviously the sweet spot for 25k gaming build.
Does gaming pc worth 25,000 pesos will stay relevant until 4 years?
I can’t really assume that games on 2019  which is 3 – 4 years from now were capable on running in GTX 1050Ti.
We know that the capability of our technology is increasing twice every year and VR is the future of gaming.
But you can read my article about VR gaming PC (which you can visit here: Building a PC for VR) which I know it could run future games using GTX 1080.(which costs 60-70k) ouch.
I know what you’re thinking right now. “So, what now then?”

If you really need to play games as in right now and can’t wait for few months, well I suggests that let’s build now! what are we waiting for! LOL but let’s say, “Nah, I am more interested on VR gaming and we know that in the future this will be the trend” I suggest that let’s save money (30% depends on you tho XD)  for the meantime and wait for the boom of VR Industry here in the Philippines.



I’ll help you if you’re really interested. I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. 🙂



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A Series of MS Excel Basic Tutorial



So here’s my first try in writing blogs. Actually I had a hard time starting, thinking of a perfect topic that would interest readers. So, to get over that writer’s block…I decided to observe people around me… ooohhh I’m a teacher by profession by the way, been teaching computer subject for quite a while.

For a week now I’ve observed both colleagues and students (our 3 year technician program, our bachelor’s degree and newly opened senior high school STEM track), what I saw is that most were having problems working with spreadsheet software (Open Source or MS Excel) though most have already been using it since High School- or since they’ve started studying ICT subjects. Conclusion is that, most users were aware of the basics but not the programming part, where it can make working with spread sheets a lot better.

With that, I am hoping to create a series of online articles that would help my readers in navigating through different computer or mobile applications. Like I said, I better start off with Microsoft Excel, where we can REALLY use it to make a lot of database type of data be processed easily. So here’s my try:


Do you know that you can name a cell in particular, or a group of cells?  Yes!!! How?

Let me show you the way…


Yep, the name box, there is really a reason why it is being called a name box. Well, besides the fact that it gives you the column letter and row number a.k.a Cell Name as what most call it, you can absolutely rename a cell, give it a nickname (I know my sample is lousy because I named my cell B3 as NAMES well guess what I normally apply it in my teaching thingy so please bare with me). Giving a cell a name normally gives you an advantage in searching, because all you have to do is go back to our friendly Name Box and type the cell’s name.


Or in this case (from the figure above) you can use that handy dandy drop down arrow in the name box and choose the name of the cell you needed. From the example above you can see that I’ve named 3 cells. Viola!!!


How about doing it in a group of cell? Here’s how…


What you have to do is highlight that group of cells that you want to reference, then go to the name box and rename it… on my example from the figure above I named my cell group as details. And again whenever I need to go back to it, all I have to do is go to the name box and type the name of the cell or the group of cells, or use the drop down arrow in the name box to choose from the list like what you see from the figure below.



If you have a sheet with a lot of data, (unlike the samples I have in this online article) it would be very convenient if you give it a name, rather than scrolling your worksheet up and down or from left and right and get frustrated in the process, because at time we overshoot scrolling right?


This ends my first article of how to’s, I do hope you liked it and watch out for more. I know this article is kind of basic, yet can be an essential help for computer users like you.