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Radiant Flux HD – RGB LED Strip with Heatsink Review

Radiant Flux HD RGB LED Strip with Heatsink Review

Hi GameBuildPC Builders! Kevin here.

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted the 28k budget build guide. Surprisingly, I got a lot of your worth discussing responses, suggestions and recommendations from our facebook page, comment section and from the say hi to me page. Thank you. It means a lot to me.

Today, I’ve got something special to show to you but before that, can you answer this question? Do you have a transparent side panel because you love to see the aesthetic design of your PC?  Well if you have, just continue reading this article and we will discuss how we might be able to improve that.

Here’s my review to Radiant Flux HD from Tweakware:

Radiant Flux


The Box

At first glance, I noticed the basic color elements of the universe printed on the left side (Fire, Wood, Water, Metal, Earth and combination of them). The box itself has a dimension of 13 x 4 x 1.6 inches and with a pretty decent matte black finish.

Radiant Flux HD is basically a radiant energy emitted, reflected or a light that has been transmitted per unit time.( I just googled the name. Sorry for that)

And just like what you can see on outer part of the box, it is equipped with 5th Gen colored LED Strip with Heatsink.

Inside you’ll see that it comes with two LED Strip embedded into a solid black aluminum heatsink

and here’s the closer look inside the box of Radiant Flux HD:

except the laptop, *wink


The LED and its team

The first time I saw this I was like “I know that LED would be just fine with flexible body support with double sided tape. Why it’s so big deal to have a solid metal heatsink?”

After opening the box, I was wrong. The solid premium feeling of LED that is embedded with the heatsink feels and as if it’s talking to me that “I’m not like your ordinary RGB LED strip, Kevin.”

It comes with its two best friends, the remote for you to change the spectrum cycle, brightness and color and the pin – molex  cable with IR sensor which you need to plug to your power supply.

Here’s the size comparison with my mechanical keyboard:


I plugged it in not just in my pc case but also in my laptop docking:

Here’s my thoughts:

What surprises me is the brightness of the LED, consistency of the color and its size that perfectly fit for any case sizes and even for my laptop docking it does a pretty good job.

Is heatsink important to LED?

As a long time customer of LED strip (flexible ones) it’s annoying to see the discoloration and the heat it generates throughout the case.

Heatsinks are important part of any devices because they are able to dissipate heat. We all know that overheating is one of the worst enemy of semiconductors that may induce a significant changes to its characteristics and performance.

You might ask, “Kevin, does the LED produces heat?” No. Not LED itself but the device under the hood that consumes and generates light. In the industry of manufacturing semiconductors, efficiency is the most vital part. Technically, we can’t make a perfectly efficient semiconductor for customers and since LED consumes around 5-40%. Somewhere between 60-95% of input energy is lost as heat.**

If highest/internal operating temperature or sometimes called junction temperature of LED increases then the forward voltage and the luminous flux or sometimes called lumen output decreases. Not only will degrade the brightness and efficiency of your LED but also this junction temperature affects the overall lifetime of the LED.

Without proper management of temperature, the lumen output of the LED will eventually decrease over time.

So, Yes. I’m pretty sure that heatsink has a huge potential to increase the life of LED.

  • Built-in Heat dissipation
  • Longer LED lifetime
  • Color customization
Cons and feedback
  • Box, it could be improved with a solid thick box (but I guess that’s overkill)

Radiant Flux HD by Tweakware is a remote-customizable RGB LED strip that is embedded to aluminum heatsink to provide heat dissipation to increase the lifetime of LED. Perfectly fit for your PC. You may contact Tweakware here for their Radiant Flux HD:

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