A Series of MS Excel Basic Tutorial



So here’s my first try in writing blogs. Actually I had a hard time starting, thinking of a perfect topic that would interest readers. So, to get over that writer’s block…I decided to observe people around me… ooohhh I’m a teacher by profession by the way, been teaching computer subject for quite a while.

For a week now I’ve observed both colleagues and students (our 3 year technician program, our bachelor’s degree and newly opened senior high school STEM track), what I saw is that most were having problems working with spreadsheet software (Open Source or MS Excel) though most have already been using it since High School- or since they’ve started studying ICT subjects. Conclusion is that, most users were aware of the basics but not the programming part, where it can make working with spread sheets a lot better.

With that, I am hoping to create a series of online articles that would help my readers in navigating through different computer or mobile applications. Like I said, I better start off with Microsoft Excel, where we can REALLY use it to make a lot of database type of data be processed easily. So here’s my try:


Do you know that you can name a cell in particular, or a group of cells?  Yes!!! How?

Let me show you the way…


Yep, the name box, there is really a reason why it is being called a name box. Well, besides the fact that it gives you the column letter and row number a.k.a Cell Name as what most call it, you can absolutely rename a cell, give it a nickname (I know my sample is lousy because I named my cell B3 as NAMES well guess what I normally apply it in my teaching thingy so please bare with me). Giving a cell a name normally gives you an advantage in searching, because all you have to do is go back to our friendly Name Box and type the cell’s name.


Or in this case (from the figure above) you can use that handy dandy drop down arrow in the name box and choose the name of the cell you needed. From the example above you can see that I’ve named 3 cells. Viola!!!


How about doing it in a group of cell? Here’s how…


What you have to do is highlight that group of cells that you want to reference, then go to the name box and rename it… on my example from the figure above I named my cell group as details. And again whenever I need to go back to it, all I have to do is go to the name box and type the name of the cell or the group of cells, or use the drop down arrow in the name box to choose from the list like what you see from the figure below.



If you have a sheet with a lot of data, (unlike the samples I have in this online article) it would be very convenient if you give it a name, rather than scrolling your worksheet up and down or from left and right and get frustrated in the process, because at time we overshoot scrolling right?


This ends my first article of how to’s, I do hope you liked it and watch out for more. I know this article is kind of basic, yet can be an essential help for computer users like you.