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Gaming Keyboard Philippines: RAZER BLACKWIDOW X REVIEW

Gaming Keyboard Philippines: RAZER BLACKWIDOW X REVIEW


For those who want to buy a gaming mechanical keyboard not just for quick tactile response and gaming capability but also to fulfill their pleasure in looks, design and build quality. For me, you should consider The top of the line: RAZER BLACKWIDOW X CHROMA

I know it is not for everyone and some of you might say it is legit overpriced but the experience of typing and gaming on this keyboard is so unique that every press is so smooth that it responds quickly especially in games that you don’t need to double press it for you to know that the skills was already casted. Weighs heavier so it won’t slide if you press it too hard and it’s premium-feel is one of a kind.


If we’re going to compare it to any mechanical keyboard out there, this one has no competitor in terms of features and software but yeah, let’s just accept the reality that it cost around $160-$170 usd depends on the seller. However, you can actually change its color in a lot of different themes and from its downloadable software (which is free) you can sync the lights to the beat of your live music or sound effects. With a touch of your preferred color combinations.


I installed Razer Synapse (latest version) this is where you can navigate and change the preset color themes, monitor your frequent keypress of your favorite games, assign macro for combo like in Dota2, Overwatch and more.

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