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Gaming PC Build Guide: Entry Level Gaming PC

Gaming PC Build Guide: Entry Level Gaming PC

PC Build Guide: Entry Level Gaming PC

While making a build guide for our gamebuildpc builders something struck to my head that how can someone afford 30k-ish or even 40k-ish gaming pc while you’re a student or a decent man working from 8-6? So it made me think of that having an entry level gaming pc will definitely help you to put you up in gaming community.

Now before I discuss why I chose this or that parts. Please think of this first:

  • What am I going to do with the PC aside from Gaming?

Being a PC enthusiast since grade school, I already experienced having a typical Home PC (Pentium, 1GB ram with 512MB video card) with a cathode ray tube monitor (until last year) doing it for school work, basic programming, browsing and gaming like the good ol’ days counter strike, red alert and dota1 but it took me a lot of time to get things done because that pc can’t handle multi-tasking and intensive task.

Until recently, got a job and worked from 6-6 day shifts got some money that I saved to use it to build my own gaming pc and I always think of this way: How can I ugrade this thing for later years to come?

But for what I know, most of the non-techie: “They just want to have it right now using the fixed budget that they want to spend”. Question: Is that you?

Yes or No it is Fine, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The thing is, you may want to consider “What should I do with this PC aside from gaming”. When the time comes you want to use it for intesive work like video editing, rendering and content creation having this mindset will put you away from the headache sooner or later and this will help you to decide what kind of Motherboard, CPU, Videocard and RAM should you pick for now considering your budget.


Now for our Entry Level Gaming Build Guide:


1. Intel Core i3-6100 3.7GHz Dual-Core Processor


This square-tiny little chip features only two cores but this 6100 utilizes hyperthreading that similarly close to i5 quad-core. Hyperthreading uses logical core to each physical cores which is basically help performs task like streaming, video editing and intensive cpu multi-tasking activities.

I chose this cpu knowing that it can handle more than gaming processing that can support your required task from day-to-day activities. Like browser tab abuse, streaming and video editing.


2. RX 470 4GB XFX Radeon


The nerfed version of RX 480 but I am telling you this videocard is relatively close to RX 480 with a lower price. I am not going to dive with its full spec details explaination but I’ll just give you a summary with this.

The RX 470’s clock speeds top out at 1,206MHz, with 4GB of onboard GDDR5 memory over a 256-bit bus. That’s pretty close to the RX 480’s 1,266MHz max top speed and the same amount of base RAM.

Behind the scene, RX 470 has only lacks four compute units than the RX 480 with 256 fewer stream processors with also 16 fewer texture units but the same amount of ROPs. (Raster Operations Pipeline, is a hardware component in modern graphics processing units and one of the final steps in the rendering process of modern 3D accelerator boards.)

rx 470 and rx 480

With its price, you can literally say that this video card is one of best option for budget build that is available right now.


3. MSI B150M Mortar Artic 


B150 chipset supports DDR4 RAM memory and 6th gen processor. Aside that it can perform what it should be this board is a mATX that can also fit with in small case that you want and not to mention it’s black and white color scheme just like from our previous build guide: Gaming PC: Never ending budget friendly guide


4. Avexir Core (8×1) 8GB 2400 RAM White LED


Like from the previous build I featured Avexir for our RAM and why not feature it again. This is a budget friendly guide and based to its price you can never say no to it. Not to mention that it comes from different color led that you can literally match with your gaming pc color scheme.

You can choose 16GB (8×2) 2400 RAM if you’re a content creator that uses basic after effects, 3dMax, Unity or Unreal Engine software but expect that this software eats a lot of RAM memory, CPU processing and graphics processing cores. I will be featuring it soon: PC build guide: Gamers and Content creators so stay tuned!


5. ZOTAC T500 120GB

If I can never say no to Avexir, how much more to SSD that cost less than 2k? Anyway, I am big fan of SSD quite recently because I actually owned one Kingston V300 SSD 120GB greater than 2k price which I installed with Win10 OS which yielded around 6-10 secs before it landed on the desktop from pressing the turn on button.

Zotac T500 is relatively cheaper compare to other brands which I selected for this budget build.



6. Seasonic S12II 520watts 80+ Bronze


I am a big fan of Seasonic not just because of it’s overwhelming acceptance on the market but to it’s design and build quality. If you have a case which has a built-in GENERIC psu with this kind of parts I’ve mentioned. Please ffs do not use it and save some money to buy a decent one like seasonic or from any reputable power supply manufacturers.


7. Tecware F3 (recommended by: R-Jay Del Rosario)

Just like most of the girls said: Simplicity is beauty. We have Tecware F3 to prove that. 

But this case not just can hold your motherboard together with your parts but also this case plain works and not to mention its cheap price but bottomeline, we have different preferences with the looks we wanted to see to our PC. Just consider your budget and the way it looks.


In summary, here’s the price list of our Entry level Gaming PC build available at PCHub:

CPU Intel Core i3 6100 3.7 ghz 2-core PHP 5400
GPU XFX RX 470 RS 4GB PHP 9710
MOTHERBOARD MSI B150M Mortar Arctic PHP 4740
RAM Avexir Core 1x8gb 2400 8gb white led (AVD4UZ124001608G-1COW) PHP 1670
SSD Zotac T500 120GB PHP 1999
PSU Seasonic S12II 520watts 80+ Bronze PHP 2570
CASE  Tecware F3 (recommended by: R-Jay Del Rosario) PHP 1100
TOTAL PHP 27,189

Hope you guys like this Entry level Gaming PC and feel-free to ask questions about this build and I will definitely respond to you as soon as possible 🙂

Here’s our forum: Forum | Gamebuildpc Ask anything about computers and join our community 🙂


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  1. Good article and I see improvement over the previous ones. It’s nice to see more pinoy tech bloggers coming to the scene of pc gaming lately. However, I would like to suggest some things. Have someone proofread the articles please before publishing, eg. grammar, since this is an english site, it won’t be long before some non-filipino would stumble on this in the web. Also, it would be nice if you include alternatives to the parts you mentioned, like i3 6100 vs fx 6300 or rx470 vs gtx 1060. Since this article is intended for novice pc builders, it would really help them to have an option.

    1. Hi Tep, Thanks for your lovely recommendations and suggestions. I appreciated it and I will take note of that and work on it. 🙂

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