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Gaming PC: a 28k Build with Intel G4560 and GTX 1060

Gaming PC: a 28k Build with Intel G4560 and GTX 1060

Gaming PC Philippines: a 28k Budget Build Guide with Intel G4560 and GTX 1060

Hey GameBuildPC Builders! It’s been weeks since I posted my 25k Budget Build Guide. To be honest, that’s really insane. You guys really did a good job by posting your concerns and suggestions @ our FB page and below the comment section. I really appreciated it.

However, today we will discuss “what is a bottleneck” and how can it affect your gaming experience and the “worthiness” of your money (bring it on you grammar nazis. jk. keep smiling mate, just message me so I could correct it. Cheers!). Maybe some of you were thinking: “Kevin suggested the G4560 with B250m. Ok, since i7 are so expensive, I’ll just buy GTX1080 it is also  compatible with B250m maybe I could combine them both. Hmm right, I’ll just grab G4560 and freakin plug my GTX1080 and Yessss! I can play everything!”  Yep, I’m actually thinking that you’ve said that to yourself. Anyway, before diving into the depth of bottleneck topic, I’d like to talk about “is Kabylake really worth it?”. 

Before the release of Kabylake in the market, I was highly negative with the rumors that i7-7700k will outperform its predecessor i7-6800k and like what I’ve expected, the rumors turned out to be nonsense.  You might say, what about… Optane? Optane is not really useful to almost anyone yet right?  Intel would like to give us an opportunity to become a member of PC master race again after G3258, Intel G4560: A gift for budget builders.

Let’s look at the numbers here courtesy to Tech Spot:

As you can see in GTX 1050 Ti level, the GPU is the bottleneck for the rest of the CPU. Sorry folks from the facebook comments but the G4560 and GTX 1050Ti might work but you may want to consider buying GTX 1050 or RX470 instead (due to its price/performance ratio) or just get GTX 1060. Moving up to the GTX 1060, the G4560 starts to bottleneck and if you try to drop the settings down to low – high quality, you might get a bit of increase in FPS. By the time you paired a GTX 1080 to our G4560, here’s the result. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to plug GTX 1080 if we’re just using G4560. so clearly, – sky isn’t the limit.

But like what I’ve experienced with my GTX 960 and G3258, Overwatch isn’t that much demanding.

For those folks Gaming in Low – High Quality isn’t an issue, G4560 paired with GTX 1060 or GTX 1050 Ti (kung makulit ka pa din) .. is absolutely playable.

So without further ado, here’s a more or less 28k budget build guide for you using a G4560 with GTX 1060:

Components Parts Price Lazada(affiliate links)
CPU Intel Pentium G4560 3.5 ghz 2-core Processor ₱2,890.00 View
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-B250M-HD3 ₱4,300.00 View
GPU Zotac GTX 1060 Mini 3GB GDDR5 (ZT-P10610A-10L) ₱9,700.00 View
RAM Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Single DDR4 2133 (HX421C14FB2/8) ₱3,100.00 View
SSD Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD ₱2,190.00 View
HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX ₱2,350.00 View
PSU Seasonic S12II 520W 80PLUS Bronze ₱2,750.00 View
CASE Tecware Raiden USB3.0 Black / White Mini Tower Gaming Case ₱1,420.00 View
Total ₱28,700

So that’s it, I hope you’ve learned something from me.

If you want to view where to buy your gaming PC parts, you may want to check it here: . Fill up and search the parts you want to assemble, click checkout and you’re good to go.

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24 thoughts on “Gaming PC: a 28k Build with Intel G4560 and GTX 1060

  1. okay ba ung 1060 mini? Base dun sa Graph/Benchmark mo Gtx 1060 mini ba un? naguguluhan ako di ko alam kung ano bibilin ko gtx 1060 mini ba o rx 470 ano ba mas maganda budget ko lng 10k or less

      1. What do u think of Gtx 1060 3gb AMP! Edition? is it better compare to mini? Kaya pa nman ng budget ko ung AMP! Edition kung sakaling mas maganda un.

  2. Hi Kevin, what monitor would you suggest to buy with this build? Planning to build a workstation/gaming PC. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris!
      Oh monitor, I’d like to recommend the ASUS VX, VC and VZ series. I owned VX239H series for almost 3 years and I’m using it for photoshop, gaming and sometimes video editing.
      it will costs you around 7-16k depends on its sizes.

  3. Hi Sir Kevin, I do not mean to bash but I would like to share my idea regarding on some of the hardware you decided to include here,

    First off, Regarding the MoBo I believe the MSI B250m Mortar would be a better choice due to the perks that certain MoBo offers at only P100 more (As priced in Lazada). Please just check the specs of the MSI board and compare it with the Gigabyte model.

    Second, The 200-series chipset supports up to 2400mhz RAM, its one of the perks of going to a Kabylake Board than a Skylake board. Added to that benchmarks from a reknown and trusted Benchmarker Digital Foundry had already stated that Yes, RAM speed does now matter in Gaming especially in CPU focused games like Fallout 4, Dying Light, GTA V as having faster RAM affects the rendering power of the processor when communicating with the GPU and DiskDrive. Also in a build where every single increase in FPS counts taking advantage of the RAM speed is clearly a necessity, Regarding prices I saw some 2400mhz ram from Avexir and Kingston vended at P3,000 in Lazada.

    Third, The SSD Kingston V300. I believe even recommending tis particular model of SSD from Kingston is an act worthy of divine punishment as tis SSD had a truely terrible scandal back in 2014 Tis is a thread from Anandtech one of the few still accessible reports regardng Kingston’s disgusting act of false marketing where they switched to a slower micron NAND controller, Where the best part of the whole fiasco was when Kingston themselves announced that not letting the customers know they changed the advertised hardware to a much cheaper one was all okay despite charging the customers the same price, After all the customer won’t know or recognize it.

    Fourth, The Graphics card. I guess tis one falls into each personal preference, though I do agree the GTX 1060 3gb currently is around 6-8% faster than the rx 470 4gb, But the fact the rx 470 has 1gb more VRAM makes it more future proof and the AMD card rocks dx 12 and Vulkan making it more of a better investment if your planning to keep the card for the next 2-3 years, And just a personal experience my current rx 470 8gb is already consuming 4gb + on games like Hitman, Tom Clancy’s Wildlands, Doom (2016), Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. I would also like to add the perk of using a Freesync monitor with an AMD card tis was clearly a deciding factor for me as Freesync monitors are far more cheaper than G-sync, I personally suggest getting a Samsung SF350 it is a 24-inch monitor with PLS panel, 4ms response time and AMD Freesync currently vended in Lazada @ P7,700 from Techtrends.

    Lastly the case, I would like to recommend getting one of EasyPC’s RAKK gaming chasis if your budget for it is below P1,500 as cases like Rakk Zayin and Panasque offers a mid-tower size with PSU shroud and a see-through side panel made of acrylic. The overall quality of the RAKK Chassis is not really bad its quite durable and the shroud makes the build really clean and professional looking. As for availability and prices I only know to get them from Lazada as I do not live in Luzzon and they’re priced P200-P300 higher than getting them directly from one of EasyPC’s branch.

    The power supply you picked is a true solid one. Seasonic often called as Safesonic,

    Once again I do not aim to bash your Guide, I only want to share my opinion regarding of some of the choices for tis Gaming PC Guide.

    1. rather have a techware than that rakk. the mobo you suggested is a m-atx, and getting a mid tower for a m-atx mobo is a waste of space. plus the rakk case really feels cheap. dont put expensive hardware on a cheap case. that’s my only beef with your build but all in all, its better than what that guy suggested. good job on an in depth breakdown of parts and why its used. looks like someone could learn a thing or two from you.

    2. Hi Lyle,

      Thanks for this amazing point of view and I really appreciated it. Honestly, I learned something from your comment.
      You know, I really like someone like you to discuss and explain their insights and experience about gaming pc.

      For everyone who’s reading this, message me here:
      and I could give you a chance to become a part of GameBuildPC.


    1. i36100 + rx480 yan na yung pinaka standard ng gaming pc… yan build na nsa taas nging OK lng tlga siya dahil sa 1060 na gpu pero nde tlga gnun ka powerful ung cpu

    1. Hi Elasul, You can’t play VR games with this G4560 CPU. You may want to invest a bit more around 30-50k to achieve optimal performance for VR

      1. yung laro sa steam…The Soul keeper…minimum is i5…..ipon ipon muna, wala pa nmn release date eh….TY sa guide, dami ako natutunan

  4. Hi king, Thanks for your insights. Yes you’re right. Price varies between stores and we have different views about the build. It just offers everyone a solid information about this build and obviously we can easily swap some components based on our preference.

  5. As I discussed above, I don’t think G4560 will bottleneck the GTX1060 on “some” games. There’s a huge improvement especially Overwatch where I think G4560 and GTX1060 is a good spot.

    But, (here’s the but) I didn’t say you can’t play on GTX1050 or 1050Ti. You can always go with G4560 ang GTX1050Ti but my suggestion offers everyone to consider GTX1060 if you want to upgrade your CPU to i5 or Ryzen 5 soon.

  6. so ilang fps po sa gta v (ultra graphics + high shaders) at sa roblox (max quality)?

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