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Gaming PC Philippines 2018 PUBG ready

Gaming PC Philippines 2018 PUBG ready

Gaming PC Philippines 30k-35k Ryzen 1080P 

Hi there Gaming PC Builders! Welcome to our latest build guide for 2018! Gaming PC Philippines 30k Ryzen gaming pc!

I know it’s been a while now. I’ve been busy this past few months about NodeJS and Machine Learning (new career my friend). For those who I haven’t yet replied, please accept my apology. I’ll try to make it up for you.

For all that, have you ever wondered about being a gamer and a streamer playing PUBG? Well, thanks to Ryzen and GTX 1050Ti you can do it without breaking the bank.

Without further ado, here’s the PUBG gaming pc setup for 2018:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-Core Processor – (affiliate link) View here

Assuming you’re the kind of guy/girl who need to gain more performance (I know what you’re thinking) in your setup without spending too much, AMD Ryzen 3 1200 will definitely suits your needs.

It’s a quad-core 4 threads pure cpu and doesn’t have integrated graphics core. So, I’d recommend when buying AMD Ryzen 3 1200 consider buying GPU as well.

You see, when buying cheap products what do we get? Yes, cheap quality and poor performance. Bro, not in this CPU. I’ve been using this for months, overclocked it in just 5 minutes and boom it became coco-crunch. JK.

It runs pretty well! Running at 3.8Ghz with 1.21 volts. Some of you might work well @ 1.21-1.25v. Don’t forget to run CPU stress test for every changes. This is for us to check and verify if we are on the stable voltage & speed.

If you don’t want to overclock, it’s ok. It will do just fine.

  • GPU: GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1050Ti – (affiliate link) View here

Now that’s already 2018, GPU prices inflated like a freaking balloon. Some guys from PC gaming community blames it to the hype of crypto mining and some because of the increase of tariff on semiconductor products. I just don’t know the whole story but yeah sad.

Although performance-wise, I cannot tell anything wrong about it. It works really well, temperature is between acceptable range and fans is not audible even in full load.

PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battleground optimized

In spite of that; Recent Feb 2018 updates PUBG runs @ 60FPS most of the time (using this build). PUBG optimization is real and it’s really good.

  • Tips PUBG gaming pc settings :
    • Set everything to Low except Textures. I maxed textures at Ultra and still getting 60FPS. ( You can thank me later hehe)
    • Don’t use reshade. you might get banned.
    • Adjust your screen manually in scene/night mode preset settings on your monitor for better color and view
  • Motherboard: MSI B350M Bazooka – (affiliate link) View here

There’s a lot of motherboard with B350M platform. You can choose whatever you want. I just like the color and its upgradability with less cost. Not just it’s compatible across Ryzen variants (I’m not sure about recent release of Rzyen APU though) but also, it can support high frequency RAM which will benefit Ryzen CPUs.

It also supports overclocking with user-friendly interface.


  • RAM: GSkill Ripjaws V 8GB Dual DDR4 3200 – (affiliate link) View here
  • Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX – (affiliate link) View here
  • PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W – (affiliate link) View here
  • Case: Tecware Edge – (affiliate link) View here

However, the last 4 parts that I listed is already depends on your personal preferences. You might want to have 16GB 3200Mhz RAM instead of 8GB which is better. Just don’t get 4GB RAM nowadays.

And in terms of storage, you might want to get SSD first before getting HDD. No problem.

  • Streaming 
    • Note that having a high-speed broadband (download & upload) or fiber connection will boost you when streaming. It means, for you to stream with ease in facebook live, youtube gaming or twitch you might need to have fiber connection with atleast 20MBps upload.
    • Use OBS for your streaming software.
    • Try publishing your stream in facebook live, adjust resolution or bitrate and play around with it.
    • I’ll post my PUBG gameplay and pics here soon. Stay tuned with that! : )


If you have questions or suggestion about the build, just comment below and please don’t be shy to ask here: Say Hi : ) I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks and see you around! Check more gaming pc here (affiliate link): View here