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Gaming PC Philippines: P23,000 Pesos Budget Build

Gaming PC Philippines: P23,000 Pesos Budget Build

How to build a Gaming PC in the Philippines

updated August 2016

gaming pc dota2-bloodseeker
img credit: Dota 2

eSports, MMORPG and FPS Games is the tittle-tattle of the modern era particularly our gaming pc enthusiast of the year 2016.
Have you ever wondered if your PC could run some of these games?

  • Dragon Nest
  • Skyrim Elder’s Scroll
  • CSGO
  • Battlefield 1-4
  • DOTA 2

If not, don’t be sad because in less than P23,000 pesos you can have your own Ultimate Budget Build Gaming PC.

What to consider when buying a gaming PC in the Philippines?

When I was just like you reading tech tips and guides on the internet, I was very particular and most of the time  “choosy” on selecting parts of my budget build. It’s my hard-earned money! I don’t want to spend it on PC parts which is after few years I won’t be able to play future modern games because of bottleneck issues.

I always consider these few things before buying parts for my gaming PC:

  • #1, Price to Performance ratio. This is the top-most of my checklist when buying parts for my PC. Gather the data @(youtube) like benchmarks with different manufacturers with the same specs, select the highest performer and then compare its price on the market. Still, it’s your choice.


  • #2, Would it still run after few years? This is the hardest question so far and it will be on your own preferences and experience. I have a videocard that failed after few months of using and it’s really frustrating. My 1st videocard that I thought would last long because of its fabulous name. I didn’t buy anything from that manufacturer ever again. Maybe someday I will try it again but still a Lesson Learned me. Always make a research, ask through forums and read a lot about manufacturers of your selected parts. It’s your hard-earned money and you don’t want to waste it. Unless you don’t care about your money. Uhm, you can share it btw. 😉


  • #3, Compatibility. You have a girlfriend that has a different perspective and outlook in life and there you are, a hardcore FPS no-scope player, avid fan of DOTA 2 and diehard RPG gamer. I’m pretty sure that there might some compatibility issues will happen on the both of you. “Doubt” start to kicks in.

Well just like on your selected gaming parts, You don’t want to have that “doubt” because if there’s something wrong occurred on your PC it may lead to false identification of errors that may cause you a lot of trouble. LGA 1150 series board compatible parts is different from LGA 1151 series motherboard. Make sure to have some research before buying. 4 things you need to know when building a PC


and lastly 3 things to consider, your Budget, Preferences and Future-concept PC Build. If you think you can adjust your budget based from your preferences like additional LAG killer ethernet network, auto-overclocking features and Future-concept PC build that you can upgrade later on down the line is still up to you and your preferred budget.

Bottomline is there’s nothing wrong what to choose first “basic” or “adds on features” as long as at the end you’ll feel the satisfaction of having and building your own PC.


I am grateful to share my updated August 2016 Ultimate build guide for less than P23,000 pesos you can play most of the latest game with 1080p guaranteed gameplay!


Processor – Intel Pentium G3260 3.50GHz (Dual Core) Haswell Refresh ₱2,600.00
Motherboard – ASRock Z97 Pro4 ATX Motherboard ₱5,950.00
Graphics Card – Sapphire NITRO RX 460 4GB GDDR5 ₱7,050.00
Memory Card – Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9 ₱2,150.00
HDD Storage – Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB ₱2,290.00
Power Supply – Corsair VS450 Power Supply ₱1,650.00
Case – Aerocool GT Black Gaming ₱1,250.00

View and compare prices here: 

view and compare


If you want to view where to buy your gaming PC parts, you may want to check it here: . Fill up and search the parts you want to assemble, click checkout and you’re good to go.

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UPDATE NOV 14, 2016:

PART 2 of our GAMING PC!

Gaming PC Philippines Part 2: P25,000 Pesos Budget Build

UPDATE JAN 21, 2017:

New build guide for 2017!

Gaming PC Philippines 2017: 40K Gaming and Workstation Build Guide





64 thoughts on “Gaming PC Philippines: P23,000 Pesos Budget Build

  1. Could’ve opted for a G3258. Motherboard’s too expensive, and you can get a better GPU like a 960 with the money you opted for the expensive motherboard to a cheaper alternative. This build doesn’t scream budget PC whatsoever. I’m actually a bit disappointed with the part selection here.

    1. Thanks Earl, I actually have my own rig built using G3258 and GTX STRIX 960 🙂 I didn’t show case it in here because I want to have someone like you to interact with the display build suggestion.
      I’m happy that your suggestions fits my current build! fyr : see attached pic

      1. Now THAT looks more of an interesting rig 🙂 I’m sure you can get a bunch of bargain deals, especially mobo+processor+RAM combos nowadays. 960’s are cheap right now since they’re about to be phased out anyway so it’s worth splurging a bit on it to get roughly 30-40% more performance.

        1. Mga sir, pwede humingi ng pc spec? First time ko po bibili ng desktop. Nabasa ko na okay daw sa Dynaquest. Ang budget ko po ay P25,000 pero ang nilalaro ko po ay RO, DragonNest, Left4Dead2, at DotA2. Thank you

          1. Di ko po sure kung lalagpas ng 25k sir baka lang naman pero eto ung napili ko for you, ok din po kay DynaQuest. Dun din kasi ako bumili before and from PChub.

            for your needs you should have atleast :
            Processor – Intel Pentium G3258 anniversary edition ( medyo ubusan na to sir mga price neto mga nasa 1.9 to 3k depende kasi kung san ka mkakahanap)
            Motherboard – ASRock Z97 Pro4 ATX Motherboard ₱5,950.00 (i chose this one kasi for your future upgrade. Kung gusto mo na mag i7 di kana mag papalit ng board, wala kasi ako mahanap na medyo mura na kaya ang i7)
            Graphics Card – ASUS GTX STRIX 960 (somewhere 10k+ to sir medyo mahal pero totally worth it. yan ung GPU ko ngayon mag 1 year na super subok 😉
            Memory Card – Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9 ₱2,150.00 (stick to it)
            HDD Storage – Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB ₱2,290.00( SSD if you want Kingston V300 120GB mga nasa 2.4k un)
            Power Supply – Corsair VS450 Power Supply ₱1,650.00 (basta from reputable brand sir)
            Case – Aerocool GT Black Gaming ₱1,250.00(your preference kahit ano to pero sana mid tower to full tower pra kasya ang board at gpu mo 🙂 Thank you!

          2. Thank you sir. May tanong lang po ako. Bakit yung processor ko hndi Skylake?? Tapos kapag pumunta ba ako sa dynaquest, ipapakita ko lang tong spec tapos sila na magbubuo???

          3. if your going with his build which pretty good for gaming you could shell out more and add 3kphp to that gpu and get an rx480.

            but dude do a lot more research! before buying a rig.

          4. Sorry po sir. Wala tlga akong alam.

            Baka hndi ko na po mabili yung rx480. Need ko pa po bumiling monitor, keyboard at mouse po.

          5. Sir, kaya po hindi skylake ung processor kasi medyo kailangan natin ng high end motherboard na compatible for skylake which is hindi fit for 23k mark…

            Pwede ka din po mag patulong sa kanila, ask ka din po ng questions and recommendations from them and I know they are very supportive and friendly. Naka bili na din kasi ako sa kanila sa makati branch. 🙂

          6. You dont need a high end motherboard for a Skylake build. MSI’s H110M chipset only costs around 3200-3400 depending on where you buy. He probably wont be upgrading anytime soon since this will be his first pc and I doubt that he can do it alone (no offense). A GTX 960? Come on. A Zotac GTX 1060 with a single fan is just the same price as the 960 you’re suggesting and since he’s on a budget, a 460 is also a great option since he’s just playing e-sports and not triple A titles.

        2. That’s true! Recently, I checked 960s price ranges from 9k to 10k+ from different manufacturers. I thought that it 960 will fit for “mid range” build that’s why i tend to remove it from this article and chose rx 460 instead because of its price range.

          I totally agree with you 99% that 960 performs better and this card is for performance(budget-friendly) seekers that wanted to spend 10k+ for a graphics card. btw, I don’t have a screenshot but I can get 100+ fps from ultra high from skyrim using this rig XD

  2. Hey Man, First off I want to thank you for this guide. I’m pretty sure people like me who doesn’t understand much about computer will appreciate this guide. If you don’t mind can you help me build mine?

    I’ve been lurking PCHub FB page for quite a while now and my dilemma is I can’t really choose anything because of lots of choices to choose from and I don’t really want to under spend nor overspend. I’m also scared of the compatibility issues too.

    My budget is 35k

    I already have a Monitor, Keyboard and a Mouse.

    My monitor’s info:

    My focus games/apps are:

    – Dota 2 (Max Video Settings)
    – CS:GO (Medium/High Video Settings)
    – Overwatch (Might consider not installing this if it doesn’t fit the budget.)

    – Adobe Photoshop (Medium priority)
    – Adobe Illustrator (Will rarely use.)
    – Adobe Lightroom (Might consider not getting this if it doesn’t fit the budget.)

    Note: If possible I want the GTX 1060 if possible / if it is overkill, I’d let you decide. It’s just that I’m fascinated with the reviews from the interwebs. 😀

    Thanks in Advance!

    1. Oh. Thank you for reading this guide Sir Leems Segit. You’re always welcome. Keep the comments coming and I will answer it as long as i can 🙂

      Your budget is 35k and I think we can work with….. 1060! 😀
      Yes! 1060! a little background, last year december I bought 960 worth 10k+ something and recently 1060 came just few weeks ago. the thing is, 1060 can actually beat 980s with a cheaper price range. 🙂 so lucky for you! 😀

      Kindly note that my suggestions here is not forcing you to buy this and that. To the best of my knowledge I will help you decide whether what to choose. oki! I will relate it also to my experience btw. hehe

      Alright, so we do have the same monitor specs, I have ASUS 24″ VX239H 60hz
      my suggestion for your processor:
      Intel G3258 Dual Core Pentium(anniversary edition) P2k+. — You might ask me why? this dual core? why? my answer is, it’s LGA 1150 compatible and it should work fine as it’s what I am using right now together with my 960. I can edit video using sony vegas pro with “best” quality I wanted for while playing Dota2 (take note it’s paired with gtx 960, what if it’s 1060? 🙂 )

      Motherboard : ASRock Z97 Pro4 ATX Motherboard ₱5,950.00 — Why this expensive board? I chose this to have a room for your future-concept build mindset because later on if you want to have an i7, you can just remove your old cpu and plug your i7.

      GPU: GTX 1060 (manufacturer : ” your choice”) P12-17k — Price literally varies from different manufacturers and i guess its safe to say that your preference is still the best as long as it’s 1060 just like what you wanted 😉

      Memory Card – Gskill RipjawsX 8GB Dual 1600 CL9 ₱2,150.00 ( this RAM will do as it’s the sweet spot for most of the games out there. if you want to focus more on video editing and content creation, 16GB dual (8×2) will do great too.)

      HDD Storage – Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB ₱2,290.00 ( ah! a lot of debate whether SSD or HDD, to summarize it. Choose HDD for bigger storage and normal rate speed with less cost. but Choose SSD, for faster read/write capability and it’s actually yielded faster boot rate compare to HDD. from start button to desktop. Mine, I actually have Kingston SSD V300 120GB and after pressing start button 6secs it landed on my desktop. you may want to think of it 😉

      Power Supply – Corsair VS450 Power Supply ₱1,650.00 ( any reputable brands out there but please do not use the psu that comes free with the case please)

      Case – Aerocool GT Black Gaming ₱1,250.00 ( your preference matters here. your choice )

      That’s it! I will keep this updated.

      Hope you learn something today sir. Don’t forget to share if you like it 🙂 Thank you!

      1. Damn, with an insane explanation. Noted with thanks! Actually, I can’t thank you enough for this. Godbless and more power to you. I also hope you keep doing guides like this. It really really help us n00bs a lot and it’s actually a lifesaver. Thank you once again.

        PS: Shoutout to all the people on this thread who shared their insight. It really is helpful. More power to y’all guys.

        1. Be careful when buying dual core cpus as some games nowadays dont support them. BF4 won’t run on a dual core CPU.

          1. Well, I’m only gonna play Dota 2, CS:GO and Overwatch. I don’t think it’ll be a problem. 🙂 Thanks for the insight though.

      1. This will help Leems Segit to have a great option on your suggestions. Thanks Moeka for sharing.

      2. Thank you for all the effort and time for this. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Godbless, Moeka-Chan :p

        1. No Problem
          Well I suggested the Cpu: i5 6600 without K cuz you don’t need to overclock or learn it the cpu it self is powerful enough to handle the latest games and then i suggested a b150m chipset mobo its a business class got good enough I O supports ddr4 memory so its more into solid future like he can get an i7 6700 for upgrade and ddr3 ram module might became rare and expensive in the future. I don’t think you need a z170 mobo since you won’t need to do extreme stuffs like thunderbolt, putting m.2 or nvme, and overclocking.

          The 1x8gb ddr4 ram is good enough got heatsinks and red led it means its the same with other 1x8gb ddr4 rams right now the speed and timings wont matter since you wont overclock trying to do something like superpi record beating.

          well i suggest to get an ssd. the zotac T500 ssd since its the cheapest its good enough for os and adobe Photoshop and this model of ssd got consistent rate(samsung 850 evo dissapointed me its not as fast as i thought) . the ssd focus on processing the os and background programs while the hdd can focus on the games. well if you choose hdd only and you want speed i recommend for example 2tb 2x1tb hdd > 1x2tb hdd. i don’t recommend raid 0 since its a pain it decreases hdd lifespan and if one hdd fails everything is gone

          the psu vs450 can handle an i5 6600 and a gtx 1060 with no problems. the whole build estimated load wattage is 265 Watts. you can freely upgrade to gpu gtx 1080 or cpu i7 6700

          The Gpu is GTX 1060 mini zotac its the cheapest… subvendor doesn’t really matter they just slightly better on cooling, oc and lil bit clock speeds they are all gtx 1060 by nvdia

          Well the case can limit you on your build because of clearance for the components so its okay to buy something cheap that can fit all the components. I recommend buying something like tecware alpha.. but the rakk case is cheap(400php LOL) and good enough. you can fit a gtx 1080 on it. well i used the motherboard and psu boxes for my computer for sometime because i do think i don’t need a case and it limits me on what i put on it. Then i adopted two cats so it requires me to start using a case

          1. That was very informative. I think I can get a better casing. I’ll boost my budget a little bit for that. Thank you very much again! 🙂

          2. Well before buying i recommend calling them first if there is a stock. if there is no available stock try asking them if they can order it for you. from what i remembered they used to charged it for 100php

          1. Ah yeah true, I actually forgot. It was on my plan to have atleast CM Hyper T4. Thanks! Noted.

          2. This might be another option for our new PC Builders. Thanks! Overall, this will help them decide later on 🙂

          3. Great build. Although the i3-6100 is just around the same price point as the 4160. There are a lot of cheap motherboards in H110M series too, plus you’ll benefit for the DDR4 memory. 16GB of RAM is a bit overkill. If it is just for games, 8gb is fairly enough and use the remainder of the money for an SSD. I’d go for the lowest storage size that Adata can provide. Their SP550 is an excellent SSD for the price.

      1. Yes, This is exactyly what I am pursuing on 🙂 having z motherboard right now and later on once the user wants to upgrade they now have the option to buy i5 and i7 series cpu and upgrade ng powersupply too.

        1. My only problem is by the time they have the money to upgrade, the only way they’ll be able to buy a 4690k or 4670k is in tipidpc since most of the will be phased out by then.

  3. That’s a really low end(if not bad) power supply. I would consider the PSU to be the TOP in the priority list when build your own rig. Simply put, when a bad PSU fails on you, either it short-circuits or by bad luck got hit by a very bad power surge or WORST hit by lightning, changes of other components being damaged is likely to be very high(happened to me once, my monitor and motherboard got rekt). Whereas with a decent PSU, your other components are protected.

    Also, while the G3260 is a great CPU, dual core’s age is starting to show, at least get an i3(more threads) if you really have a tight budget. A lot of newer games are utilizing multiple cores now so investing on at least a quad core (with slightly lower clockspeed if budget forbids) for a NEW build is wiser, IMO.

    1. his PSU is alright imo, i have the same one and it works really well (PC is on 24/7)

      but if he wanted an alternative i would suggest a seasonic m12II 620w

      1. His build was obviously selected with future upgrades in mind, with the z97 being out of place, that’s why I suggested that with that plan in mind, it would serve him better if he prioritized the PSU more. In terms of PC building with upgrades in mind, more headroom for power is better. You wouldn’t want to get a new component only to find out you lack power support.

        1. i already told him to change his motherboard because of said issue with it being a z series. I suggested an Asus b85pro gamer which would still suit his needs but minus the overclocking potential

          about the power support, i think his build is okay just change the processor to an i3

          1. You’re missing the point. The build aims for an immediate PC build with very open options for FUTURE upgrades, hence the z97 and the humongous case. Kind of like an emergency PC build to relieve your itch to play DOTA. In that case, the z97 is OK especially if you’re planning to upgrade to an i7 or i5 down the line. The price difference against the b85 pro gamer is very negligible.

          2. if you want the z97 to stay not buying a k processor and a 650+w powersupply will be a result of wasted money

            the aim of this build is to get a computer asap and upgrade it the smart way later

            >get the build
            >save up
            >get a better power supply
            >get an i5 or i7

    2. Yes, You’re correct that the first thing we “PC builder” should consider is the PSU and I am sorry if it’s happened to you. btw thanks for sharing. We could have atleast a Seasonic PSU with 80+ certification and squeeze it in here for really tight budget but I guess the 23k mark will be affected.

      That’s true, future games are a lot more dependent on quad core utilization. It is just an option for our new builders to have atleast a “working cpu” for now and upgrade later. Thanks!

      1. I instantly got the point of the build since I was once in the same position. Having built something I instantly regretted as a result of being ill-adviced by somebody I once looked up to regarding PC building.

        Also, another thing to consider in contemporary builds is that most gamers tend to multitask, so we should really up our baseline for PC gaming build standards. Gone are the days when only Skyrim is the only thing running in your PC. Some DOTA/LOL players even watch movies and anime while waiting for queue. A few even play browser games and emulators alongside their main game.

        1. That’s the real situation and I agree with you. The thing is, most of them (our future PC builders) tend to squeeze their budget until 20k below. why? because they just want to feel the gaming experience and their mindset wasn’t on the PC building standards yet..

          I actually experienced this one and if I am on their shoes having a tight budget, I will feel contented and invest for what ever I have for now and most probably upgrade it for the future.

          Thanks for the great discussion! Looking forward to discuss more topic soon 🙂

  4. Lol bottleneck yung GPU sa CPU.. Pati naka gaming motherboard pero naka Pentium? Bakit haswell pa? may skylake naman ? Tapos Dota 2 lang lalaruin? Very wrong move yan!

  5. Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 3.70 GHz Skylake Processor
    MSI B150M PRO-VD (Mas prefer ko Asus dahil sa crash free BIOS)
    ₱3,850.00 “LGA1151 yung socket natin boss kaya dapat DDR4 yung kunin mong motherboard kasi may issue yung DDR3 sa Skylake/LGA1151 socket”
    Cooler Master Hyper T4 CPU Cooler
    ₱1,450.00 “Para sa longer lifespan ng procie mo”
    Deepcool SMARTER Micro ITX/ Mini ITX computer case
    ₱1,250.00 “maganda to kasi nasa likod yung mga wires = better cable management and airflow” Pero check mo muna kung kasya yung case sa motherboard at video card
    GT730 2GB DDR5 64BIT KEPLER ₱3,050.00 “Mas prefer ko Asus or MSI base sa research ko sa v.card brand na maganda iwas ka sa INNO3D kasi pangit yon. Mag base ka sa DDR3 na video card DDR5 kunin mo mas mabilis kasi yon wag ka sa memory size mag-base wala don ang bilis NEVER GO for FERMI video card! Kepler ka lang for Vulkan API(meron vulkan sa dota 2 kaya sayang kung hindi mo magagamit to mas ok tong API na to kesa sa Directx Kasi mas magiging ok lifespan ng GPU at CPU mo”
    seagate500gb Seagate 500GB 7200rpm 16mb, ST500DM002 Hard Drive
    Kingston HyperX FURY 4GB Single DDR4 2133MHz CL14 HX421C14FB/4
    ₱1,130.00 “Double check mo kung compatible yung ram mo sa motherboard na bibilhin mo para iwas issue ok na sa gaming ang 4gb kasi hindi ka naman mag hardcore games”
    Seasonic G-550 550W 80Plus Gold Modular Power Supply
    ₱3,850.00 “Ito ang pinaka-important na part ng computer natin so Highly recommended ko ang Seasonic G series kasi gold siya unlike sa iba na bronze lang, Ito ang gamit ko na power supply ngayon kaya wala ako masasabi dito 5 years warranty pa sa Dynaquestpc ka bumili para ma avail mo ang 5 years warranty . Wag ka matakam sa Cheap Power supply kasi baka masira yan pinagipunan mong SET :)”
    Mag research kapa sa compatibility ng mga set na yan pero i highly recommend yan mga yan kasi nag-research na ako sa mga the best brand at combo ng computer na budget meal pero puro brand new. Wala ako masasabi sa combo na yan budget meal talaga pero mas maganda kung mag-research ka kung compatible lahat ng mga yan sa isa’t isa. Pero yung RAM at motherboard lang naman tingen ko need mo research 🙂

  6. I suggesting this build
    CPU:G4400 2710php
    MOBO:Asrock H110M HDV 2550php
    Ram:DDR4Avexir Core 1x8gb 8gb red led 1670php
    SSD: Zotac T500 120gb 1990php
    HDD:WDC Blue 1tb 2270php
    PSU:VS550 80+ White 2220php
    GPU:Inno3d GTX 960 OC Herculez x2 2gb 8300php
    Casing:Generic case 400php
    TOTAL: 22910php

  7. Here is a sample skylake build one can do that compromises on the motherboard but has a better cpu and psu, don’t mind the g1 mobo, s340 case and rmx psu as that are the one’s i’m planning on getting for mine, the total comes out to 26,420 but you can lower the price of this by changing the ram to the one in the article that will drop the price to 24,820 but if you want to decrease it even more you can get the 2gb version of the rx 460 which costs 5,700 effectively dropping the price to 23,470.
    The rx 460 with 2gb ddr5 is not that bad compared to the 4gb version on some games, especially on e-sports titles with a difference of 3-5 fps but on some games like doom, hitman, and battlefield the higher memory will benefit you so adjust according to your needs.

  8. lga1151 Intel Core i3-6100 3.70 GHz Skylake
    MSI B150M PRO-VH
    Crucial MX300 275gb sata (CT275MX300SSD1)
    Vengeance LPX 8GB 2x4gb DDR4 2400 CL14 (CMK8GX4M2A2400C14)
    Sapphire RX 460 2gb gddr5
    Cooler Master CMP 102 Casing with 500W PSU

    would give you less than 23k

    1. A budget AMD build is not a good option right now considering the price offered by lower end Intel processors like the one on this post.

  9. I suggest going for the RX 460 2GB as memory wont be a bottleneck on the textures you’ll be playing on.

  10. I intend to recommend the higher intel processor for future upgrades when it comes for “budget”, most of all games (graphic intensive) need more cores and the future. core i7 and i5 or i3 skylakes can run those games at 60+fps @1080p even without dedicated graphics card. sacrificing your money for RX 460 doesn’t worth. keep your money and the better processor. I promise you’ll thank me 😀 😀

  11. I intend to recommend the higher intel processor for future upgrades when it comes for “budget”, most of all games (graphic intensive) need more cores and the future. core i7 and i5 or i3 skylakes or even A10 Kaveri CPU can run those games at 60+fps @1080p even without dedicated graphics card. sacrificing your money for RX 460 doesn’t worth. keep your money and buy better processor. I brought i7-6900k without dedicated graphics and still runs smooth in GTA V.

  12. mga master patanong kung pwede na po ba ito pang MOBA, MMORPG Games and Ps2, Ps3 Emulator.

    PROC, Intel Core i3-6100 3.70 GHz Skylake – 5,200 (Bundle Sale)
    MOBO: ASRock H110M-HDV – 2,800 (Bundle Sale)
    RAM: GSkill Ripjaws V 8GB 2x4GB DDR4 2400 – 2,000
    HDD: 1TB WDC Blue/ Seagate – 2,300
    GPU: Sapphire RX 460 Nitro OC 4gb – 7,000
    psu: Corsair VS450 – 1,650
    CASE: Tecware F3 – 1,100

    Total: 22,040

    1. Not bad. But dont hold on to that PSU for too long. As soon as you have the extra cash, go grab a SeaSonic M12II. You are basically buying SafeSonic.

  13. Hi Sir Kevin,

    I’ve just read your article about building a gaming pc. Need some help po. I need a gaming pc around 30-40k po that can run archeage, revelation, blackdesert, battlefield 1 etc on high settings. Gusto ko po yung z170 pro gaming mobo since I’m thinking of upgrading din po in the future pero hindi ko po alam kung san magsisimula hehe kung meron pa po kayo maissuggest na mejo mas mura mas ok po. Can you give me a list of your suggested setup.

    thanks po.

    1. Hi joie,
      Welcome to GamebuildPC 🙂

      Thanks for posting your query. I bet I could help you with that. Basically, what I am trying to give you was already posted as an article and you may check it out here :

      But since this is a personal query, it would be lovely to discuss it in here anyway..
      You may or may not get a Z170 board but I would prolly suggest that don’t get the Z170 and get a B150M board since you won’t be needing its full feature in the near future. Since there’s a high chance of possibility that you would probably getting AAA games, GTX 1060 is good enough to start but if you’re really on a tight budget you could get GTX1050Ti which I already posted here if its really worth it. 🙂

      Next is the CPU. I would suggest get an i5-6500 6th gen and 8GB of RAM 🙂 if you’re also a video editor like me, please get a 16GB it would really help. but for now 8GB is a better choice.

      for Storage, decide now if you want speed or storage. SSD or HDD. In my experience, I started with an SSD, installed OS and later plugged HDD after I got enough money to buy HAHA. poor me. but it’s worth the wait.

      for PSU, get from a brand you really trusted. Like me, it’s seasonic 🙂 Seasonic M12II Evo 520watts 80+ Bronze.
      you may get non-modular too it’s cheaper compare to Full modular type but still same performance.

      Case? go to your local PC shop and get the mid tower size casing and call it a day 🙂

      That’s it! I hope you come back and tell us your experience! 🙂

      Best Regards,

  14. Hi Sir!

    I have read so many articles about building a cheap gaming pc but, unfortunately, I can’t seem to understand the balance necessary upon building one so I think I might try to ask you for help. Right now, I am still a student and I would like a pc for my studies, but since I am also a gamer, I would also want to satisfy my cravings. I am currently depending all the expenses on my scholarship allowance, with a little help of my dad, so in short, I am really on a tight budget, 20k at my best. I really hope you could help me build the best possible gaming PC for me. Also, for future reference, may I request for a detailed explanations so that I could be more confident to myself when upgrades become possible? Thank you very much in advance! God bless!

    1. Hello there Gary!

      Actually, we’re on the same side few years ago. I was a student from a state university and tbh I also don’t have much savings for my passion (basically about computers). I was pinned down and it’s really hard for me to choose what to buy especially I also wanted to upgrade my parts later on. Having a really tight budget makes me feel so anxious.(btw, I have a 2GB RAM PC, a GT210 videocard until recently) So I’ve decided to keep it and focus on my studies. After graduation, I worked hard from 6-6 daily and shifting schedule and saved atleast 30%. Until I realized that the money I kept was already huge enough to satisfy my cravings.

      Maybe it would be a bit different from your story but for me I would suggest that you should save for now. I know that you really wanted to satisfy your cravings. I’ve been there done that and it’s really hard to control. But if you let it pass and enjoy your studies even just for now. You will not regret it in the near future.

      If you really wanted to build an entry level gaming pc, save atleast 25k and I will assist you in my article :

      Thank you Gary! Good luck on your studies! Build well and play hard!


      1. Hey Sir Kev,

        First of all, thanks for a very quick and thoughtful response. Seems like I’ll still be visiting the internet cafe near us for a little longer. Anw, as soon as I read your reply, I started diving in to the world of building. At first, I was a little confused but now I can think I already progressed a little. So now, based on what I understood, I tried to build my future gaming pc, still in a budget, but this time, gonna try hard to save for a lot more budget. But since it is my first time, I still don’t have someone to consult about it, so I think I might ask for your little help again. So this is the build I had in mind:

        CPU : Intel i3 6100 dual core 3.7 GHz at P5,490, Dynaquest
        GPU : AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB at $170, Newegg
        MoBo : ASRock H110m at $47, Newegg
        RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB x1 at $52, Newegg
        HDD : Western Digital WD Blue 1TB at P2,290, Dynaquest
        PSU : Corsair VS450 at P1,650, Dynaquest
        Disc : None as of the moment

        I know that you are surprised seeing those currencies, but it is just hard to not consider them since they’re so far away from the cost available here in the Ph. Also, I had known a way to buy them from trusted virtual address in the US which would use LBC to ship it to me overseas. So for an explanation, I have known thaty i3 6100 is the best processor for the likes of me. I also used the compatibility site for choosing the motherboard, but unfortunately, I still don’t understand the suffix hdv, hds, and the likes so I took the cheapest one but is also compatible. Though I would still like to hear from you. I also chose the Rx 470 because it is better than the gtx 950 and 960, based on the most forums I’ve seen. Also the lowest 4GB GPU I saw and is also not that expensive compared to others. I am planning to consider gtx 1060 for the upgrade. Looking for the best budget DDR4 RAM, I end up with the Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB x1, with the help of its reviews, thinking of the easiest ay to upgrade to 16GB (8×2). The other 2 are from your article. I’ve seen great reviews from them. Also, on the PSU, I’ve used the power supply calculator availabe on the internet and, if I am not mistaken, got the value of 300-350 W at full load, so I think considering the Corsair VS450 is a right choice. As for the disk, I still don’t know how to choose the right one so I think I’m going to rely on you again. Also, I would like to ask if buying an SSD isn’t necessary since to be able to install Windows 10, I thought it would be needed. I am also yet to choose the right monitor but the forums get me the idea of getting a 144Hz 1080p 1ms monitor. Others like keyboard and mouse would be alright to leave it to myself but if you would suggest some ideas, I really would appreciate it. That’s it, I guess, as of now. I would definitely be waiting for your thoughts. Thank you very much in advance and Godbless!


  15. hello guys. i am setting up an internet cafe with 20 PC. the budget for each PC is around 15K. obviously it is for gaming purposes. can you suggest some good combination of specs? do you think 15K is enough? thanks in advance!

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