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Is Generic PSU good that comes from its case?

Is Generic PSU good that comes from its case?

Theoretically, YES. it can run and boot your system run few low end graphics.

Generic PSU

But Technically, NO. your graphics and cpu eats a lot of power especially in running high end graphics games and long time overclocking and you may want to have a room for their adjustment so that it won’t damage your system every time if it looses power then shuts down itself.

I highly suggest that do not use any bundled “PSU” from any cases because we never know what was inside of that box.

You know, when building a Gaming PC. The first thing that should come first in our mind is the PSU.

Choosing a reliable PSU from any reputable brand like Seasonic, Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA  with (80+ bronze, silver or gold) may leave a peaceful mind about power and electricity consumption.

You may want to have atleast 600W+ from any reputable brands with an efficiency of 80+ certification.

Have fun on your build!

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