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GTX 1050 TI is it totally worth it?

GTX 1050 TI is it totally worth it?

For a budget-oriented and humble gamer like me, is GTX 1050 Ti totally worth it?

GTX 1050 Ti still based from the same Pascal micro architecture that Geforce 10 series has. Like its big brother GTX1080, 1070 and 1060. It runs on 768 cuda cores, a 1392 Mhz boost clock(depends on the manufacturers, some of them has pre OC GPUs), a 4GB GDDR5 VRAM and runs on 128 bit memory bus. Although this isn’t compatible for other SLI GPU but you still get NVIDIA standard features like Ansel for amazing 360 degrees screen shots, supports for DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

GTX 1050 TI Specs
CUDA Cores 768
Boost Clock Speed 1392 Mhz
Memory Bus 128 Bit
Power Consumption 75W TPD (through PCI-E slot)

But the question remains, is it actually worth it?

Here’s how GTX 1050 Ti actually performs on the LinusTechTips test benchmarks:

GTX 1050 TI Crysis 3 - 1080p

GTX 1050 TI Battlefield 1 - 1080p


Based from the graph, GTX 1050 Ti performs quite well versus to its predecessor Geforce 9 series. However, if we’re going to talk about it’s price, RX470 and GTX 1060 has a price range of P10,000 to P12,000 and P13,000 to P19,000 respectively compare to GTX 1050 Ti that ranges to P7,000 to P11,000

GPU Prices Lowest Price * Highest Price *
GTX 1050 TI 4GB DDR5 P7,300+ P10,000+
RX 470 (4GB-8GB DDR5) P10,530 (4GB) P11,900 (8GB)
GTX 1060 6GB DDR5 P13,450+ P19,000+

*based on PCHub Prices as of Oct. 30, 2016

Yes, it’s the cheapest and reasonable price that hits all 1080p high settings on most games and runs smoothly more than 60 fps and around atleast 40 fps on Max/Ultra settings but if you could wait and save up for a little bit, RX470 and GTX 1060 might be the two great options for you.

So for those folks who are really into budget-oriented PC gaming, GTX 1050 Ti is good enough to play AAA title as long as playing at medium to high settings doesn’t really bother you at all. For me, it’s kinda worth it.

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