The 4 basic things you need to know when building a PC

The 4 basic things you need to know when building a PC

When I was a first year college at TUP(Technological University of the Philippines) year 2012, my classmate brought a 2GB Kingston RAM at school. To my surprise, He was selling it. I am so freaking excited to buy it because back then my PC consist 1GB RAM capacity. Imagine that! Playing online games, Dota, CS, Starcraft, WarcraftIII and Garena with 1GB stick. Shoot! This made me cringe every time but this also made me smile if I remember it though.

Going back, I talked to him and ask if I could try it first and he said “Yeah sure, just don’t forget to bring its case ok?” Out of excitement I just said “Yes!”. I remember that I don’t have money to buy that. I just need a justification to my parents to look at it that obviously I need to upgrade the PC.

At home, I threw my bag at the couch and started to dig out my PC under the computer table, removed the side panel, inserted the 2GB RAM stick I recently borrowed, mount it in the motherboard, locked the RAM slot and plugged it in.

and BAM! What the hell is that smell?! I heard a crackling sound inside the PC and my anxiety kicks in, I unplugged the PC from the AC socket and opened the case as if I was in a hurry to find keys while someone is after you. I can’t forget that horrendous smell. It’s like a smell of burning shoe sole where in all of the smoke was compressed into tiny particles that straight through my lungs.

And while I am picking my self up because I am too nervous from what happened, I noticed that the RAM I previously inserted was not properly locked. The connecting pin tilted few centimeters and it’s burnt. You guessed it right! the notch didn’t aligned correctly. The RAM I borrowed and my motherboard didn’t worked again. lol my mom laughed at me though. Later on, I’ve learned that the stick was DDR3 and my legend motherboard was DDR2.

Yeah, you’re probably facepalm-ing right now. I know, it’s kinda crazy to do such things without having some research. I was too confident, excited and yet not prepared.

And because of that, I don’t want you to make the same mistake. 

That’s why I’ve made this blog especially for someone who’s planning to build a PC or to someone who’s curious about how computer works. This might help you to start over.

Before you soak your hands on the dirty work to your PC, you need to consider these information wholeheartedly which I’ve learned while being more enthusiastic about computers. Here are the things you need to know before building a PC.


1.) Not all processor fit all motherboard.

In other words, Not-One-Size-Fits-All.

It’s true to most manufacturing processors and motherboards in the industry.

Intel and AMD.

For example, you have Z97 Series(chipset) motherboard and you’ve just bought an AMD processor.  This won’t work, Why? because of its chipset and socket compatibility.

Z97 motherboards contains a socket of LGA1150 (Land Grid Array) which LGA1150 supports Haswell- and Broadwell-based microprocessors, having 2 or 4 CPU cores, up to 8 MB of L3 cache, and it works with DDR3 RAM. Therefore, It does not support DDR4 memory.

The LGA1150 is compatible with Intel B85, H81, H87, Q85, Q87, Z87, H97 and Z97 desktop chipsets.

However, for AMD processors there’s a lot compatibility that we need to consider. You may want to check it in AMD processor compatibility setup.

As a result, before buying for a processor or motherboard make sure that we will check its compatibility and specifications.


2.) What is DDR3/DDR4? What should I buy DDR3 or DDR4 for my PC? –

Remember for LGA1151 Motherboards, You need to buy DDR4 RAM Memory stick and for LGA1150 Motherboards, DDR3 will works perfectly well. Please make sure that we’re not using DDR2 nowadays.

Please before buying, I highly recommend to check the manufacturer’s website for compatibility support for RAM and Processors.


3.) Buy Power Supply from reputable brands like CorsairSeasonic, EVGA and Cooler Master

First of all, you don’t want to fry all your expensive components with cheap power supply later on once you plugged that in right?.

Therefore, buying from reputable high quality brands like what I’ve mentioned will leave you a peaceful mind knowing that your PC is up and running.


4.) I am planning to have 2 GPU. Do I need more power?

If you plan to have 2 GPU (which I don’t recommend since its performance will just increase a little bit higher), the answer is YES. you need atleast 800-1000W power supply. This is to give your power supply enough room to adjust if your components requires additional power for optimum performance. You may choose a modular, semi-modular or non-modular power supply it depends on your preference.

Well if you’re just using 1 GPU, 550W – 750W power supply will pretty conclude everything. Like I’ve said, as long as it came from reputable brands. You don’t need to worry anymore.

Therefore, do not use power supply that comes free from your Case. We don’t know what’s inside it but I’m pretty sure that it will brings hell to you if you use it. I hope not.


We all know that building a PC is like a putting a square blocks on square holes but technically we still need to consider few things that will make our job easier.

Learning from different people and from their mistakes is the first step of learning because from that we could make decisions whether to follow the same track or not.

That’s it! Hope you guys like it and let me pick the parts for you and I will tell you why I chose that considering your budget, upgrade-ability and most of all how it perform.


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  1. Good job identifying those stuffs. But it feels like you still need to add more information. Btw. Keep it up

    1. Hi Wilner, Yes you’re welcome here 🙂 just browse to our website and tell me how much you want spend for your gaming PC and I’ll guide you.

  2. I all starting to learn a few things from you. Thank you so much. Good job. I love you hehe. I am kinda planning on buying my own gaming pc in December and this helped me a lot. Hope you can help me sort things out with the build by that time. hehe

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