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iOS 10: 2016 news, features and release date!

iOS 10: 2016 news, features and release date!

iPhone lovers would fallen head over heels with the newest iOS update Apple company recently released. Now that the public beta has been officially released by Apple, those who were able to update their phones with the new iOS are indeed enjoying the apps which
Apple’s newest mobile operating system software for both iPhone and iPad was announced to be released on July during the WWDC 2016 get-together which was held in San Francisco on June 13.


It became available to non-developers in the form of Public Beta which was released on the 7th of July. But the company reminds those who were able to update their phones with the new iOS that there are likely to bugs and compatibility issues with some of the apps since the release date of a more stable software is to be available on the release date of the iPhone 7, come September 2016.
At its WWDC unveiling, Apple focused on 10 new, redesigned or tweaked areas of iOS 10’s feature set:

1. General redesign and user experience

With Apple fast finger print recognition in the 6s and 6s plus iPhone editions, the company even added a feature which people will surely love. The “raise to wake” feature of the new iOS will make your phone light up and go to home just by raising your phone.
3D touches becomes more enjoyable with many shortcuts available in the apps you have in your phone. Interactive notifications will also one of the highlights in the updates we can get with iOS 10. You can accept invitations, stay on your messages thread, or even reply to your friend’s message while your phone is locked.
The control center is also said to be customizable as to how the user want the icons be arranged in the control center panel. “Slide to unlock” is also said to disappear in the newest iOS update rather, “Press home to open” will replace the iconic unlocking system of the iPhone.

2. Siri

Aside from being iPhone users’ sidekick in giving emergency tasks like “Siri, call mom” or “Siri, please research the word…” , Siri can now access and do task to the non-apple applications in the newest iOS update. Typing messages, and even sending them to your friends without even touching the screen will now be possible!

3. QuickType

Apple is said to bring Siri’s intelligence in the keyboard. Task like possible words to use instead of the existing word you typed is said to be possible when you update your phone. Although it is still a mystery to the users, with this technology, Apple is indeed raising the bars high on its upgrade with its keyboard and quicktype abilities.

4. Photos

Just like in Facebook, iOS 10 can now detect the pictures you have taken and put them together while making a slide of all the memories you have which were captured by the powerful camera of your phone. Truly, iPhone users have to try this newest addition to the things we should look forward when we update our phones on September.

5. Maps

The Maps will also have a new look which is way simpler and easier to use. The map will also offer alternative routes for areas with moderate to heavy traffic advisories. With a clearer picture on the map, we surely will never get lost in finding the place we want to go to!

6. Music

Apple Music will have major visual redesign! Some music will also have onscreen lyrics, well of course depending on the availability of the updated version of your favorite music.
It is said that even when you are enjoying the groovy music over your earphones, you can take live photos without the music being interrupted.
On 19 July, Apple replaced the ‘Downloads’ section with ‘Downloaded Music’ within the Music app.

7. News

Apple News has been redesigned making it cleaner and simpler. But more interestingly, Apple has included subscriptions in News. ‘Breaking news’ notifications from the app will be possible with the new iOS. You can access your paid subscription where you can read all the articles you want to read wherever, whenever.

8. HomeKit & new Home app

Apple is serious about smart homes and the internet of things, launching a dedicated app, Home, for controlling all the appliances that are compatible with HomeKit.
The company is currently working with prototypes where the Homekit can now control appliances at home right with a touch in your phone. Pretty much interesting, huh? But we’ll see how this is going once we get a try of what to expect weeks from now.

9. Phone

Voice mails will then be transcribed for easy reading. You don’t have to listen if you wished to read what you have in voice mails.
Apple is working with third parties (non-Apple apps) to provide more information about known voicemail spammers, so you can avoid answering your phone while it is ringing.

10. Messages

Messages can now be scanned and highlight all the words that could be replaced with emoji. Tap them one by one and they’ll transform into the appropriate pictures. Links may also be sent and the preview may be seen by the recipient! Another way to enjoy texting to our loved ones.
iOS 10 will be available to iPad 4 and its latest versions like the iPad Air and the recent models, iPad-mini 2 and its latest versions, iPod touch 6th generation, and iPhone 5 and its latest models.
With the newest APPMAZING update of Apple on its mobile Operating System, truly many would be as excited as I am in trying the iOS 10. 2016 techno life be like!