5 Life Lessons and Benefits of playing Video Games

5 Life Lessons and Benefits of playing Video Games

Life lessons: When I was a grade school student, my older friend ask me to come watch him play “Counter”(Counter-Strike). I said “Yeah..?, by the way what’s that?”.. “You’ll see”, He said. Then we went to computer shop meters away from home and he started to play with his friends. They were shouting and obviously having fun as if there’s no tomorrow.

As a grade school student, It’s fun to watch them playing in a simulation world. Going to war with your team and enemy is ok. They just respawn anyway and ready for another fight. It triggers something inside of me that I also want to learn and play with them.

Suprisingly, after months of playing, I’d became addicted and wanted to play more games rather than sticking to 1 particular game play. It made me anxious and bored to hell if I am not playing any computer games that I like. But still, I managed to figured out how to balance the system of studying and playing games without any failing subjects with also help of my mom to wake me up in the morning.

Here’s the 5 Life Lessons have video games taught me:

1. Strategy   

I’ve been into a lot of decision-making when I was still a college student, “Soon! I will be a part of a team where I can showcase my knowledge in computers.” That’s always what I say to myself.

After I graduated having a ladderize course of Computer Engineering Technology at TUP, I planned to finish it as a BS in Computer Engineering at Adamson University. I passed the entrance exam eligible to take any courses, enrolled and it worked. But after a year, things has changed. My parents can’t support me for another school year even though I can handle to surpass the grades of the rich kids at school.

Sometimes, I envy those kids who are easy-go-lucky students, they don’t care even they will fail. I even told myself, If they could just give me their tuition fees, their parent’s money will be worth it AF.

Moreover, I’ve thought that I need to get a job to sustain my studies for another school year even just a part time or maybe a scholarship. I revised my current plan and aligned it to my situation. I went to different call centers at MAKATI, more like 10 of them rejected me. Ah no, all of them. yes it could be my grammar, sorry for that. I also went to DOST scholarship program, also got rejected because of my father’s salary which is beyond the limit p.a required.

It feels like all of my towers(confidence) and barracks(courage) burned down like there’s no comeback.

But no, I still figured out another plan to keep defending myself not to eat me with the state of being defeated.

I grabbed the opportunity of being a production operator at solar company at Batangas and luckily they accepted me.


2. Level Up.

My story continues, I was accepted being a production operator and I am really happy that I now have a job. I now have the opportunity to get a broad experience at work and soon be part of a team that I could contribute my skills in computers just like what I’ve always said to myself, yes it feels really great.

Few months has passed, from the peak of excitement down to the support line. I got bored. Repetition of my job burns me down to ashes. Maybe because I am not very social to my collegues or in other words, Introvert.

I received my first NTE (notice to explain) from my supervisor because my process line received an open audit finding. I was so self pity and anxious that time. The reason was, I forgot to logout my account and was used by other operators.

What I did was, I challenged and urged myself to close the audit finding. Luckily, I have a background on how to program using VBA in MSExcel but not that really well though so I self-studied the basics and search for syntax in the internet.

I presented the proposal for closure and suprisingly they closed the audit finding and the supervisor who gave me NTE decided that my program will be disseminate to all process line.

Right from there, I become more enthusiastic to create more program using VBA not just to help my collegues but also all supervisors to track down their outs and wip. There are some people who discouraged me through indirect way of saying:”That’s non-sense”. But it didn’t let me to stop what I know will lift me up from being an operator.


3. I can type faster than you. 

What video games taught me first hand that I already applied directly is Typing. Chatting with your friends while playing boss fight is I think the best way to practice your typing speed and skills without even lookin on the keys. Thanks Dragon Nest!


4. Losing

We play games to WIN and have fun but losing the game is inevitable. For me playing games strengthen my cord of patience. Give respect for the other players if they lose or win. That’s just life. It’s either you quit or train hard.


5. Analyzing the location

 This is the funny thing I realized when I am in different places. I always look around and memorizing every corners of the road or people in the area I didn’t know. I’m always ready to run or fight back (it depends). I always wonder where am I on top view and remember every single alley I went through.

This leads me to make better decision even in fast-pace commitment. Analyzing my current situation just like in video games helped me to make the best counter move with the least risk involved in real-life.



  • Playing video games taught me life lessons that even the hardest of rocks, there’s always a comeback. Create and revise your strategy on how to win this trials of life. I know it’s easier said than done but we are still here. We will respawn to our savepoint and there’s still a chance to win this fight.
  • Video games taught me that don’t let anyone stop you from leveling up. Always make improvements from taking on the challenge to learn more. I got promoted from being an operator last 2015 and fortunately, I am still programming VBA from time to time and I am now currently enrolled to finish my BS Computer Engineering at STI.

(also solving math problems like Differential Equations can improve your decision-making) *wink*