How to build a Website

How to build a Website


a FREE guide for your (do it yourself )DIY-experience  |  Believe me, you do not even need to hire a web developer!

My name is Kevin Mocorro, the guy behind and here’s my FREE guide on how you can make your own website for your blog, services and small to huge business.

Come along with me and don’t be scared, here’s how to make a website

Three quick easy steps on how to make a website:


Step One

Select a website builder


Step Two

Choose a website address


Step Three

Customize your website

Now, Let’s Begin!

Step #1: Select your website builder

It is the foundation of your website. This will give you enough support on your content and before you spend your time thinking about your website name, you need to decide first whose gonna be your CMS or content management system (or website building platform)


Three Most Popular Site Building Platforms in 2016

Image and data credit:

When I am deciding for my website, this question comes to my mind. What is the best among the 3 popular website builders?

As you can see on the chart from above, almost half of the websites on the Internet runs on WordPress platform. But why? 

Why WordPress was chosen by most of the website owners?

There’s no website platform out there offers a service like WordPress, better and easier way to build a website and what makes it great:

  • It’s absolutely free, with a lot of themes/website layouts to choose.

Not all can buy themes especially when you’re a beginner and starting to learn how it works. WordPress has a huge community of theme designers that offers it for free. You’ll never run out of free website layouts to choose from.

  • Enormous support from web developers, forums and community that are willing to help you.

Because there are many users using WordPress, it’s easy to find quick solutions for your inquiries. In addition, WordPress has a lot of guidelines available at their support forums.

  • Freelancers, small or big business owners? WordPress dominates!

From blogs to online stores up to big businesses, WordPress can handle any kind of website you want. If you don’t know yet GV formerly Google Ventures, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN and even NASA runs on WordPress.

  • It’s very user and beginner-friendly

Aside from being beginner-friendly design, plugins are very responsive and customizable where you can maximize your imagination to tweak every corners of your page from adding contact form, social media buttons, slide show of your contents and more. You don’t even need to learn how to code! Pretty amazing for a platform, right?.

  • Responsive to all devices and site speed

Meaning it will work on your mobiles and tablets, too! Having the nice look on every devices and its responsiveness, why do you even need web developers for your website?

I actually uses WordPress on without investing time to learn how to code it is just like a Plug-n-Play device! It feels like that’s the right term.

By the way, there are still website building platforms, like:


Drupal is an amazing platform for well-experienced web developers that they can just simply use their knowledge to create a very unique website and not especially for beginners.

Joomla is for online store business owners, but still needs an enough to advanced skills of coding just to start your site. It is also similar to WordPress.

Well for beginners I suggest, choose WordPress and stay on it.

I’ve been using WordPress for a while now and it still amaze me how easy to use it and suprisingly very flexible for my needs even from business owners to freelancers and bloggers.

As if it was designed based from Lean Basic Principles where every buttons is very helpful and you don’t even need to waste your time figure it out because everything you need is within your reach.

And also, there’s one of reason why I chose WordPress and this is the feeling of being confident that my website will look the best as I wanted to be and I am still looking forward to create more website using WordPress.

Still there? Grab my hand! Because in our Step #2, I’ll show you how to choose a domain name and finding a reliable server to host your website

and lastly, for our Step #3, I’ll show you how to customize your WordPress website of course with pictures! Buckle up and we will dive in through Step 2.

But if you have questions right now, feel free to contact me here. I am always available to answer your inquiries!


Step #2: Select a Domain Name and Host

To ramp-up your website on the Internet, you need to have:

  1. A domain name – This is the name of your website ( )
  2. A host ( Hosting service or server typically connects your website on the internet )

Having your own domain name will grant you professional-look compare to some website offering a free service like ( and having hosting service, you’re pretty sure that your noble website loads quickly as this is one of the criteria of a good website.

WordPress as your website platform is always free but a domain name and hosting service will likely cost you around $3 – $5 a month. It’s less costly compare to a branded coffee. so overall, it won’t affect much, right?


How do I get a domain name and hosting service?

I’ve been using for a while now and this is where I get my domain name and web hosting service and also for my website building projects.

They offer their hosting service at ($3.45/mo) that’s less than a price for a movie ticket and what’s really amazing is they offer their domain name for FREE (2-in-1 quality service).

You may also try other web hosting services and you can host your site too but it’s very confusing and complicated. That’s why a very reliable web host with good quality service is a must-have to avoid headaches in the future.

After you acquired a domain name, you’ll also get your own personal email account which they provided it for free : (, a professional way to approach your customers rather than generic email address.


How to pick a best website name?

To start with:

  • Consider making your domain name match with the name of your business: 
  • If you’re a blogger and wanted to have a website for yourself, then can be the your best choice.


My advice, choose a domain name that suits for your needs and just avoid having weird extension names like .world to .gold people may not find you for having different extensions unless it’s specific and perfectly describe what you can offer.


Domain names usually ends with .com, .net, or .org are commonly used and easily remembered. However, you might want to consider to ask yourself first to help you choose your best domain name:

  • #1, is it memorable? Branded, short and clear domain names are much easier to remember but long and unclear domain names people might forget it.


  • #2, is it what you want? For me the rule of thumb in selecting a domain name is asking yourself a question: “Do I really like it?”. Most of the time people tend to judge us by our website name but that’s not the point in here. we need a precise, solid name for your specific audience that describe what you can do Go for it, If you really like it!

I actually chose as my domain name  even if its long for some because I wanted to talk about from personal computers to gaming computers, websites, tech news, blog and guides for everyone.


To summarize Step #2:

check boxIt is best to give yourself some time to brainstorm and analyze to come up with a unique name that represents your business or blog.

check box Assure your domain name and web hosting. For this I recommend as this is my tested and reliable hosting service comes with free domain name but you can still choose from any web host as long as it’s reliable and straightforward.



Step #3: Setup your website and customize it!

Once you have your domain name and hosting service. What we’re going to do next is to install WordPress on your hosting site.


One-click-installation for WordPress

Most reliable and good quality hosting service provides 1-click-installation of WordPress, which is a matter of seconds to few minutes. You don’t even need to install it manually.

P.S : If your host doesn’t allowed 1-click-installation of WordPress, It might not be a good hosting service!


After you signed up with Bluehost or any similar web hosting service, you’ll see and you should find “1-click-installation” usually this will be the landing page after you sign up.


Steps on how to install WordPress on Bluehost (most likely the same with other hosting service):

  • 1. Log in to your hosting account.
  • 2. Go to your “cpanel”
  • 3. Look for the “WordPress” icon on the “website table”
  • 4. Choose the domain where you want to install your website.
  • 5. Click the “Install Now” button and you should get access to your NEW WordPress website.


Here’s what it looks like after logging in to your account :



Let’s choose a Theme/Layout for your website

Once you’ve successfully installed WordPress on your domain, you’ll notice a basic layout for your new born site:

wp default theme


Of course you don’t want to look like everyone, this is the time your creativity will start to work, there are thousands of amazing themes from professional to blogging site up to business format that you can customize for FREE.


How to find a theme for my website?

This is where customization starts! Now let’s begin:

1.) Log in to your WordPress Admin Account

To login:

  • look for WordPress Admin URL. It’s basically starts with “” (kindly replace with your domain name)

Once logged in, it will look like this :


This is customized gamebuildpc’s dashboard. Your’s will be different in colors for the starting page but you can customize it too later on.

Stay focused my friend. I’ll show you how to navigate to your FREE themes!


2.) Thousands of FREE themes to choose from

From your Dashboard:

  • Click “Appearance” tab on the left side of your screen
  • then, Click “Themes”



  • then, Click “Add New” on top of your page


  • then, Choose from Popular to Latest themes it’s FREE


You have now the access to thousands of FREE themes to choose from. Now, we just need to install it to your website.

themes free



3.) Installing your theme

  • hover from one of the themes you like,
  • if you want to preview its design, Click “Preview”,
  • if you want to install it, Click “Install” and next Click “Activate” to activate it on your website.


Friendly-Reminder: Your files, pages, and your content will not be affected if you want to activate other themes you have installed. Change your themes as often as you want. Your content’s design will just adjust in a matter of seconds!

Now that you’ve installed your themes, content and page is next!


How to add pages and contents in WordPress?

Themes provides a cover for your website but people will visit your page for your content and pages . If you want to showcase your services, you need to have “Services” or “About” as a title page just like what I have on the top of my site.

  • #1. On the sidebar of your Dashboard, Click “Page” followed by “Add New”

page addnew

  • #2. and also, for contents, Click “Post” followed by “Add New”



  • #3. having a background on MS Word application will also help you edit your page and contents on WordPress



Now that you know how to add contents and pages, please ready to fill your website with Plugins!


What is a Plugin?

Plugins are extensions for your WordPress, built to add special features and functions to your site that doesn’t come with the first installation or built-in capabilities of WordPress.

Plugins will help you extend your website like adding an online store, image slideshow and even SEO (search engine optimization) that will help and notify you to make a standard quality contents not just for search engines but also for your lovable visitors.


How do I install a plugin?

Installing a plugin is just like adding a post or pages on your page:

  • #1. Click “Plugins” on your left sidebar then follow by “Add New”


With a ton of plugins out there you didn’t know what to install right? Don’t worry I’m here to help you with that.


What are the best plugins to start with?

I’ve listed the top 2 plugins that I’ve also used when I started making a website. This will definitely help you start to your website:


  • #1. Yoast SEO for WordPress, We all want our websites to be optimized and SEO-friendly that’s why this is the top of my list. A must-have plugin for you. It’s user-friendly and will notify you about the readability of your content and SEO optimization whether it’s Good or Bad.



  • #2. Google Analytics, A must-have plugin. This will graph the traffic from your website. You’ll see here the most viewed contents that could help you decide what specific topic that your viewers might like soon.

and of course, this is just the 2 options out of thousands plugins available at WordPress. You may visit Tom Ewer’s website for the top 100 plugins that worth to try! 

I am happy to tell you that:



You are now equipped and you can now make your own website and we can prove that you didn’t even need to hire a web developer!

By following this guide, you should have now an amazing operational website. I hope you enjoy making website using this guide.


I am happy to share more ideas and knowledge with you guys and if you have questions and suggestions maybe I might miss something with this guide, feel free to contact me here.


I am glad to create more guide for you and also please don’t forget to share this guide if you feel this is useful to you and for everyone. This will keep me motivated and thanks to you for visiting this page. I will always keep this updated.



My pleasure,