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5 Mobile App: Proudly-Pinoy

5 Mobile App: Proudly-Pinoy

Mobile app that you can say Proudly-Pinoy!


With the recently concluded Buwan ng Wika, we rounded up five of the proudly-Pinoy made mobile app we all should definitely try and support. We’ve all grown accustomed to the belief that anything that’s locally made or produced is of low quality and sure enough, the game development industry was not spared of this mentality. What we are not fully aware of is that our country is one of the  Asian countries where most developers are outsourced.  Due to this, various foreign companies have been eyeing Philippines as their location for game developments and other related services (Gamboa, 2016).
To prove that Filipinos have what it takes to conquer the game industry, here are five mobile game apps that are Tatak Pinoy.

1. PBA Philippine Slam


Developed by Ranida Games, this game has easily been one of the Filipino favorites what with of course, our country’s inclination to the sports, Basketball. How good it is to play with your favorite local players as your avatar, right? And if you want it to be a little personalized, you could also change the player’s face with your own picture.
The game currently offers two player modes: quick game and campaign mode but two more modes are on their way.
One will surely feel the PBA vibes with the Tagalog commentaries and background songs. Once played, you’ll surely have another reason to be proud as a Filipino.
The developer also offers another game app, this time centered on the sports, Bowling.
mobile app philippine slam mobile app philippine slam mobile app philippine slam


2. Fighting Crime-Duterte

This one’s best played when you’re out waiting for your ride or food or date as the game has a simple set of mechanics.  One only has to shoot all the criminals on President Duterte’s way.
However, one should be wary of these criminals as some also fights back. This one will surely keep you entertained without having to worry about abruptly stopping the game and losing your chance to level up.  Equipped with appealing graphics, our President’s hilarious remarks and Aling Dionisia’s cameo appearance, the developer, Tatay Games, definitely has a good sense of humor.
With the President’s current war against drugs and other crimes, this game is a sure hit.
 mobile app duterte mobile app duterte


3. Juan Slash Man


The developers probably coined the app’s name from the hero’s ability to defeat his enemies with just only one slash of his sword and from the name, Juan, the most commonly used name in Philippine folklore and legends.
The game is similar to Fighting Crime-Duterte, it’s a good game to while away your time.
The enemies continuously come your way, there are no levels , you could easily exit the game without having to worry about your progress.
mobile app juan slash mobile app juan slash

4. Juan Not Tamad

With the Tagalog narration (you could also switch to English) , the ethnic graphics and background music, one will not doubt the nationality of the persons behind this wonderful app. This one differs from the first ones mentioned as this is a strategy game.
You have to help the iconic Pinoy character, Juan Tamad build a bridge in order to get the guava fruits.
The game will surely test your problem-solving skills as you’ll have to play through levels of mind-challenging puzzles. You get to exercise your brain as you get entertained. This one is sure worth the space in your device’s storage.
mobile app juan tamad mobile app juan tamad

5. Hit The Can

This app will surely make the 90’s kids reminisce their childhood days, those days when there are no smartphones and tablets yet, and street games are what consumed their free time because now, one of these street games, Tumbang Preso, has its digital version.
However, in the app, your goal is not only to hit the can. You also have to hit the stars as you aim for the can. Like the previous app, Juan Not Tamad¸
The players of this app will be trained for their ability to come up with effective strategies to achieve the goal of hitting the can and the bonus items. This game offers various levels of mind-boggling situations to past away your time. The graphics will also make you feel proud to be Pinoy.
mobile app hit can mobile app hit can mobile app hit can
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