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Build a PC for Pinoy 2: P40,000 sweet spot Gaming PC

Build a PC for Pinoy 2: P40,000 sweet spot Gaming PC

How to build a Gaming PC in the Philippines – Sweet spot (price to performance)

updated August 2016

(Edit “30k to 40k”- i missed out the processor’s price and the case from the 1st edit sorry for that.)


I am glad that we had a good discussions about our last setup build for  P23,000 pesos budget gaming pc. For our new readers and PC Builders, kindly check it out for you to compare the difference for our P40,000 pesos sweet spot gaming pc 🙂


This time allow me to discuss the parts why I chose them and let’s have a good discussion whether why you agree or disagree about the build.

Without further ado, let’s dissect our featured “P40,000 pesos sweet spot gaming pc”.

CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 P 9,370.00

From my previous guide: Build a PC for VR, I have discussed that the recommended CPU for VR-ready setup is i5-6500. If you’re having a dilemma whether 6500 or 6600. You may want to think of this, i5-6600 will cost you around P 10,400.00. Paying for additional P1,000 pesos to have an extra turbo boost, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t feel any difference. Since the only difference from their specs is the turbo speed for about 3.2-3.6 and 3.3-3.9 respectively.

Maybe some of you might think about pursuing to VR gaming. No worries! This is already VR-ready processor!


GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or AMD RX 480 8GB

Galax GTX 1060 EXOC 6gb PHP 13590.00  |  MSI Radeon RX 480 8gb PHP 13640.00

Aha! Now I will let you decide whether Green Team or Red Team. But for now, let me discuss why I chose these two.

img src:
img src:

For our Green team, with a price range of P13590, Galax offers the cheapest but also built-in quality and high performance card on the market.

Galax GTX 1060:

Power Specs:

  • Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 120W
  • Minimum System Power Requirement (W) 400W
  • Supplementary Power Connectors 6-pin


This card is the latest ready for your VR gaming setup and you can still choose whether ASUS, MSI and depends on any other brands you like. Make sure they have the reputation that dominates the GPU industry. We typically stay for the brands we’ve known. That’s why you can choose any 1060’s you want.

Some of their price is a little bit higher but keep in mind that they offer unique features for their own brand.

img src: AMD



Next is the Red Team, AMD’s future of gaming concept and VR gaming revolution “VR is not just for the 1%” has dominated the world of budget gaming industry from the past few weeks.

I chose MSI because it’s well-known for their professional laptops to gaming pc parts and offers a very competetive price on the philippine market.

MSI RX 480:

  • Power consumption (W) 150W
  • Recommended PSU (W) 500W
  • Power Connectors 6-pin x 1

You can also choose XFX RX 480 too

Take note that we’re trying to squeeze in 40k mark of our budget and you’re free to decide any brands you like 🙂

Motherboard:  Gigabyte Z170 HD3P PHP 7230.00

The cheapest Z170 I’ve found on PCHub. Since our target is to have the sweet-spot and VR-ready setup. It supports DDR4 memory, more than three USB 3.0 and more than one USB 2.0 which we need for VR headset and tracking cameras and 1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16 (PCIEX16) for our GPU.


Storage:  Kingston HyperX Fury 120gb PHP 2480.00

You can’t go wrong with an SSD. I have an SSD Kingston V300 120GB and it really yielded faster read/write and boot speed. From booting up to Desktop it took me 6 secs. For now we will disregard the HDD for our build.


Power Supply: Seasonic M12II Evo 620watts 80+ Bronze Full Modular PHP 3660.00

Having a powerful and reliable power supply, you’ll feel confident that your lovable pc parts is safe from power failure and discharges. It’s kinda expensive for a power supply (take note it’s full modular) but just take it as an investment not just for power efficiency consumption but also its reliability.


RAM:  G.Skill Aegis 2x4gb 2400 8gb CL15 (F4 2400C15D 8GIS) PHP 2150.00

The sweet spot of most games out there is 8GB. You can have 8×2 16GB RAM if you’re a content creator and hard core video editor. This will allows you to have a lot of room to open hundreds of new browser tabs while playing your favorite game and at the same time editing your video project.


Alright so right now we’ve reached our P38k without the case. We still have roughly P2,000 left to choose and I want you to decide what kind of case you want for your sweet spot gaming pc. If you think there’s something you can adjust well you’re free to choose from different manufacturers 🙂

Personally, I am a sucker for looks and I always make sure that this the apple of my eye:

Case: NZXT S340 PHP 3480.00 – ( Don’t count this one, you can choose whether a low or high end case)

View and compare prices here: 

view and compare


If you want to view where to buy your gaming PC parts, you may want to check it here: . Fill up and search the parts you want to assemble, click checkout and you’re good to go.

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See ya,


UPDATE NOV 14, 2016:

PART 2 of our GAMING PC!

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UPDATE JAN 21, 2017:

New build guide for 2017!

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UPDATE JAN 22, 2017:

New 30k build guide!

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(Edit “30k to 40k”- I missed out the processor’s price and the case from the 1st edit. Sorry for that)

26 thoughts on “Build a PC for Pinoy 2: P40,000 sweet spot Gaming PC

    1. LOL his first article (20K build) already failed. Now, another misleading article (i5 non K + Z170 board + miscalculated price). I wonder if he actually knows what he is trying to build and publish. 😀

      1. Sorry if it mislead you and other readers. I used excel and I missed out the processor’s price and the case. I already corrected it.

  1. You can go a lot cheaper with the motherboard. Since the i5-6500 isn’t overclockable, you won’t need all the features that come with the Z170 chipset. A good B150 board would do the trick, and it’ll save you around 2000-3000 pesos. Heck, an H110 would do, if you’re extremely tight on your budget.

    Great choice for the PSU, but if you’re extremely tight on budget, you can go for the 520w variant. Since, again, there won’t be any overclocking, the power usage won’t be that high.

    The GTX 970 is also a good GPU choice if you don’t mind having an older generation card. The only reason I’m suggesting it is because it’s SO CHEAP now! You can get the ASUS STRIX version for 11k in PChub. Of course, this is limited with the amount of stock they have currently.

    Overall, an impressive build. 🙂

    1. Also with the saved cash, might as well throw in a mechanical hard drive.

      And yeah, mali computation mo koya. :))

    2. Thanks for the analysis and recommendation Luis, That’s true that we can swap it out with B150. Good point on that.

      I just like the future capability of Z170 chipset that’s why I chose that 🙂


  2. This isn’t even remotely close to a 30K PC. Switch the board to a good B150 one, the PSU to the S12II non-modular variant and a cheaper case and it’ll probably be a lot closer to the intended price.

    1. I think it’s good to switch to B150 to literally squeeze out of the price to performance of our build. Good point! Thanks for the recommendation Ray!
      I chose Z170 chipset for future capabilities, like overclocking for future use. Though maybe I’m not quite sure about B150 but overall it still a good option. 🙂

      on the other side, Yeah I agree, PC Builders can choose between modular or non-modular. I think it’s on the builder’s preference.

  3. Loose the I5 and get an almost top of the line AMD FX 8 E series 9,000 + Motherboard something like 12k

  4. Thanks for the in depth explaination Luciano 🙂
    I agree with you. DDR4s relatively still on it’s peak right now and the price here in the Philippines is quite high compare to DDR3. I opted to select “what I think” the best not just for now but also for future capabilities considering the budget.

    i7-6700k would be top option for our PC Builders. That would be a great choice.

  5. Things you need to change to save money:

    Seasonic M12II Evo 620watts 80+ Bronze Full Modular PHP 3660.00 >Storage::
    Kingston HyperX Fury 120gb PHP 2480.00
    SAVE money and get an HDD

    even then:
    hdd / ssd: Zotac T500 120gb
    PHP 1999.00 — Hard Drives
    hdd / ssd: Team L7 Evo 120gb
    PHP 1650.00 — Hard Drives

    Gigabyte Z170 HD3P PHP 7230.00
    Are you even trying to save money?
    you cant even over clock the i5-6500

    get this:
    -mb lga1151: MSI B150M Bazooka Plus
    PHP 4290.00 –
    or you can go with pchub promo: [i5-6500@9370php+B150m@3999]

    even then this is a cheaper gigabyte z170 chipset:
    mb lga1151: Gigabyte Z170M D3H
    PHP 6270.00 —

    Cheaper RX 480
    vga radeon: XFX RX 480 Core 8gb
    PHP 13160.00 –

  6. well tried it with almost the same budget no 72k rpm mechanical HDD
    this build uses estimated 310w with 4 fans on it and gaming mouse gaming keyboard added for the load i got a GTX 1070 for solid fps

  7. I dont believe in futureproofing. Throwing a Z mobo is just insane considering the CPU is non-K, yeah I’ve read your “future upgrades” part, but that is just waste of money. Grab a B150 and call it a day, use the extra cash to grab a 240 GB Adata SP550. And you’ll get away with a 550W PSU. This build can be trimmed down to 35k depending on the case. Though I’d commend your choice of i5-6500+GTX1060/RX480, now that is a killer combo.

    1. Yeah, maybe I was just more on upgradability-concept or partly future-concept. I’ll make a next build considering all of the suggestions of our pc builders guys here 🙂
      Thanks! let’s just keep discussing.

      1. You can even get a mATX build with USB Type C with the new MSI B150M Mortar Arctic. It also has 4 dimm slots if you really want that future-upgradability. Plus it has a sick design that just screams specially if ypu can find parts that would match its camouflage color scheme.

        1. Nice, I just saw MSI B150M and it looks really great for black and white color scheme and you’re right. most of you guys here recommend B150M motherboards which is technically good not just for the budget but also having the confidence that it will work great.
          I’ll consider and note this one. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for this, I’m currently building my first gaming PC and your guide helped my a lot.

    Could you also suggest a budget monitor that would go perfect with this build? my budget is 5k but i could probably stretch up to 8k.

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