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What are basic difference between computer and consoles?

It’s non sense if I list down all component parts here, compare here and that. You’ll not appreciate it.  you just need to choose your side first. PC or Console.

We will talk about components Flexibility Mindset.

Let’s start with PC:


If you are a hardcore gamer, PC enthusiast, content creator, blogger or video editor and also wanting to have some more FPS for your $ and the “mindset to upgrade” later on down the line well you should be proud.

Structural differences may differ from its size and usage but usually consoles are a bit smaller than the PCs



Consoles has motion sensing devices that can be use for dancing, interactive games, exercising and recreational activities.

It is also are more into “just game” mindset, I know some of kids will react but the capability of consoles cannot just overcome or even outperform PCs because of its components flexibility.

Yes it can have more FPS compare to the old PC ones but what type of game are we comparing? consoles cannot match all PCs well not all.

If a gamer wants a wireless control stick, PC can have that too.

Bottom line, It is just the personal preferences of a gamer. you can have both and then compare it with your own styles.

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