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Gaming PC Philippines: Php 40k Ryzen 1600 and RX 580

Gaming PC Philippines:  Php 40,000 Ryzen 1600 and RX 580 Gaming PC and Workstation

Hi GameBuildPC Builders, Kevin here! Welcome to May 2017 Build Guide worth 40k PHP Ryzen 6-core Gaming PC with RX 580.

Some of you from page asks me how to build a PC using the newest Ryzen CPU with and without CPU. Hold on for sec to make it clear for everyone Ryzen CPU doesn’t have an integrated gpu core. So if you’re planning to build a PC without a GPU, Ryzen isn’t for you. You might consider buying A10 series apu here: A10 Series APU for PC.

So without further ado, let’s dive in to our 40k PHP Ryzen Gaming PC for 2017:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.20-3.60Ghz 6-Core Processor – (affiliate link) View here

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 was built with six cpu cores ready to handle today’s computing tasks, for gaming, even for rendering and video editing purposes.

Many people argue what’s the best budget cpu that can handle ultimate task and has a future-proof capability. Well my friends, here’s what you’re looking for.

For me, AMD Ryzen 5 particularly this 1600 6-core CPU has a huge advantage compare to Intel’s i5 7th Gen 4-core CPU.

Although the latter has higher FPS in latest games compare to Ryzen 5 well it is because game developers optimized their games using Intel CPU resources, the future capability of Ryzen is epic. Why? you might ask, AMD promises that it will support AM4 socket up to 2020 and is not planning to replace the socket until DDR5 and PCI Express 4.0 are available.

So we can expect to play future games without having to worry about bottleneck issue with the future GPU and sooner or later we will reap the benefits of having 6-core because game developers will use the Ryzen’s resources.


GPU: Gigabyte RX 580 4GB Gaming (GV-RX580GAMING-4GD) – (affiliate link) View here

Many of you are looking to spend around 10k-12k GPU on a new graphics card. Well to make this clear, if you’re “upgrading” from your good ol’ PC setup possibly from last decade, Gigabyte RX 580 4GB is absolutely great option to install on your new PC setup.

Kev, why not the 8GB version? you might ask. It still performs better, GPU performance depends on far more than the amount of VRAM available. With that logic, a GTX 1070 should perform the same as an RX580 8GB, which it obviously doesn’t.

And Kevin with that explaination, why not the GTX 1060? you might ask. The RX 580 4GB doesn’t have less stream processors than the 8 GB unlike the GTX 1060 3 GB vs the 6 GB with the 3 GB having less CUDA cores.

So Kevin, when should I buy the 8GB model?  you might ask. If you’ll be playing at over 1080p. I’d recommend pushing for the 8GB model.


Motherboard: MSI B350M Bazooka – (affiliate link) View here

People asks me on page what motherboard to choose. It’s overwhelming to think what to suggest because there’s a lot of cheap and expensive options.

If you’re a budget builder and want to build a PC using a motherboard with a fancy and expensive RGB lighting that doesn’t do anything, SLI/Crossfire and a bunch of USB 3 and SATA ports that you wouldn’t need then you’re not a budget builder after all.

A budget builder want something that is reliable, cheap and supports Ryzen CPU. MSI B350M Bazooka is perfect for a budget builder. It supports main functionality of a motherboard. MSI B350M Bazooka is a VR-Ready and which can also do minor overclocking, supports M.2 storage and RAM slot capacity up to 64 GB.

If you’re an enthusiast builder/gamer, you’ll choose X370 series motherboard for more overclocking power.


RAM: GSkill Ripjaws V 8GB Dual DDR4 3200  – (affiliate link) View here

Before I would always recommend the 8GB variant either to buy 8GB single/dual stick and add another stick later on. But now, greater than 8GB is over kill. Unless you’re a video editor that uses Adobe Premiere, AutoCAD and other rendering software. 16GB up to 32GB might be the sweet-spot for you.

And for budget builder gamer that want to play Dota2, CSGO, BF1, GTA5, Overwatch and latest 2017 games. You might need the 8GB DDR4 3200 Mhz RAM.

Why highlight the 3200 Mhz? What is that?  is it speed?. you might ask.

Gaming in Ryzen CPU benefits with faster RAM. 3200Mhz seems to be sweet spot right now since it’s not that much expensive than other frequency and it works for Ryzen somewhat well and believes further gains in performance will come via game optimization in the future.

Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX – (affiliate link) View here

PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W 80PLUS Bronze – (affiliate link) View here

CASE: Tecware F3 Mini Tower Gaming Case usb3.0 – (affiliate link) View here

The rest of the build is always depends on your preference. I don’t want to recommend something you wouldn’t like. I want you to choose for your own build and aesthetics. Ask me here: Say Hi 🙂 and I’ll guide you in the process.

In terms of storage, you can always buy for more than 1GB or jump with SSD first. Click here to know why: Build a PC for VR.

When we’re talking about PSU, my first recommendation is the Seasonic S12II. Not just it’s cheap but also it’s realiable and make your components safe from sudden fluctuations. I also don’t use AVR/UPS. I just plug it in the AC slot.

My current PC setup, I used the DeepCool PSU and it seems fine for 2k PHP 80 plus bronze PSU. I don’t know about you but it works for almost 3 years.

Like what always said. You can always choose for your own PC Case. This is something very personal and I want you to choose your own case aesthetics. If you’re using ITX or M series motherboard. I would suggest to choose the best mini case out there to fully utilize your money.

Parts Name Lazada (affiliate links)
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.20-3.60Ghz 6-Core Processor View
GPU Gigabyte RX 580 4GB Gaming (GV-RX580GAMING-4GD) View
Motherboard MSI B350M Bazooka View
RAM GSkill Ripjaws V 8GB Dual DDR4 3200 (F4-3200C16D-8GVKB) View
HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX View
PSU Seasonic S12II 520W 80PLUS Bronze View
CASE Tecware F3 Mini Tower Gaming Case usb3.0 View
Total ₱38,540.00

If you want to view where to buy your gaming PC parts, you may want to check it here: (affiliate link) View here . Fill up and search the parts you want to assemble, click checkout and you’re good to go.

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Ryzen Gaming PC: 30k Budget Build Guide with 1050Ti

Hi GameBuildPC Builders! Welcome to our new Gaming PC Build Guide. Today, we will discuss something we’re all waiting for. Here it is, a 30k quad(4)-core Ryzen Gaming PC with 1050Ti Budget Build for 2017!

Oops, hold on for a sec. Before diving into the build guide, I’d like to discuss few things with you, my personal ideas and some facts I’ve researched. You might be thinking “Kevin, what is the big deal about the new AMD’s Ryzen CPU? Is it just a hype? or what?” Well to answer that, here’s my few thoughts about the new Ryzen CPUs.

You might consider it a hype but personally, it’s not a hype or what. To cut it short, it just proved that these CPUs (Ryzen 5 and 7) can nearly compete with Intel’s i5 and i7 processors. Yes, not in today’s standard but Ryzen has a promising future development that can overcome its competitor in upcoming years.

“But for how long?” you might ask.

AMD promises that it will support AM4 socket up to 2020 and is not planning to replace the socket until DDR5 and PCI Express 4.0 are available. Source: LinusTechTips

So we can expect more future upgrades and DDR5 RAM support!

You see, based on popular benchmarks out there, Gaming in Ryzen 7 1700 can’t beat the Intel’s i7 7700k in specific games but in terms of rendering? Ryzen used as workstation is faster compare to i7 7700k!

Workstation with Ryzen Source: GamersNexus

Recent AAA games are designed to work with Intel’s processors, threading, memory cache, etc. So gaming developers are now seeing AMD’s Ryzen as a resource to make their games optimized and make use its additional cores for better performance.

Gaming with Ryzen Source: PCPer

As concluded by PCPer, “Gaming performance isn’t anything to scuff about, especially for an 8-core 16-thread CPU that beats the i7 7700K in almost all non-gaming benchmarks. For pure gaming though, single-thread and higher clock performance is still king.”

So here’s a couple things you need to consider when buying Ryzen. Before typing any non-related comments, I know some of you do. I’d suggest to read this and comment down below your ideas and suggestions so we can learn together as we go along with it.

  1. Ryzen CPU is not for everyone. If you are an enthusiast PC builder(for workstation and gamer), the good spot for you is the Ryzen 7 1700 and 1800x series. I know that i7 7700k is a bit cheaper and you might want to consider buying it because it will give you more FPS on recent AAA games compare to Ryzen 1700. But if you look closely, 1700 has a huge room for future development having its 8-cores and 12 threads. While a 4-cores cpu might not.
  2. If you just want a fair performance, as we called performance-wise PC Builder. Ryzen 5 1600 is the best for you. With its 6-cores and 12 threads will easily overcome the i5 series and almost beat the i7 processor in some games.
  3. if you want Ryzen right now that could fit with your allocated budget which is less than 30k, You might want to consider having Ryzen 5 1400. A quad-core 8 threads that can compete with i5 7400 & 7600 by having more threads but less money to spend.

If you want to have an Intel Gaming PC worth 30k, you might want to check it out here: 30k Kabylake Gaming PC

So without further ado, Here’s the 30k Ryzen Gaming PC build guide 2017:

Components Parts Lazada (affiliate links)
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.20-3.40Ghz 4-Core Processor View
Motherboard MSI B350M PRO-VDH View
GPU Gigabyte GTX 1050 TI OC 4GB GDDR5 View
RAM Gskill Aegis 8GB Single DDR4 2400 CL15 (F4-2400C15S-8GIS) View
HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX View
PSU Seasonic S12II 520W 80PLUS Bronze View

There you go, let me know your ideas and if you want to know more build guides just comment below and we will discuss it.

Wait, as you can see there’s something I didn’t included in here: No case. Yes, it’s your preference as PC builder what kind of case you want to buy because I received a lot of questions what to get and the difference of those stuff. If you insist here’s a NZXT s340 case: (affiliate link) View here

If you want to view where to buy your gaming PC parts, you may want to check it here: (affiliate link) View here. Fill up and search the parts you want to assemble, click checkout and you’re good to go.

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