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What are the uses of computers?

What are the uses of computers?

Computers, basically will help into our day to day basis.

Nowadays, Computers are more likely to become a general notion just like electricity.

Before, we expect that in every houses there’s a switch for electricity but now we expect computers and soon they’ll greet us with an Artificial Intelligence Voice.

Computers became a need rather than want but don’t get me wrong, it already has a wide variety in terms of computing that could help us in our daily lives through our phones, smart watches, smart tv, schools, hospitals, churches, cars and etc.

People use it for gaming, browsing, chatting, streaming, entertainment, programming and also a way of communicating someone you like or even a stranger.

Of course, here’s the sad part. There’s porn, hacking and cyber bullying.

It is just a preference of someone whether what or how they going to use it.